Thursday, November 25, 2010

Refurbished bedroom: Closet heaven

So I finally did what I have dreamt of for a number of years. I tore down the old wall between the bedroom and the entrance hallway, and had it built up again further out, making the bedroom bigger and the hallway smaller. I also had a sliding door put up between the rooms. That gave me enough room to put in not just one, but two, sliding door closets. In my little flat, that's the maximum storage space I can possibly get!

This is what the old room looked like:

 All white

 Door from the hallway going into the room, taking up valuable space

 Very little room to store clothes and stuff

And the new: The walls are painted with a color called White linen (a greyish light brown), and the closet doors are whitewashed wood, with the wood showing through in a color that matches the wall paint. (The wall is all one color, the light stripe is just reflection from the mirror.)

 Sliding door closets to the left...

...and the right. I left a tiny little part of the old wall, where the fuse box is located. That way I didn't have to pay huge amounts to an electrician to move it - and I also got a little room for the necessary stuff that one really don't want to put on display:

A curtain that matches the paint was used to hide the content:


 A cool sheep pillow that I bought from a local artist in Trondheim when visiting my mum last weekend...

...and a cute little orchid in a light blue pot:

The window is mirrored in one of the closet doors, making the most of the daylight:

And in the window hangs a little guardian angel that my mum bought from a local artist on a visit she made to Sweden - watching over my new heaven...;)

What's left is finding some white frames for hanging pictures above the bed, and a couple of lamps for the bed tables with shades that fits with the rest of the room. But that I think I'll have to leave for after Christmas. Next up...the hallway.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Plentynine something

29....++++ ;)

So it's my birthday today...I guess I should make a little note of it here on my blog. While some people dread getting older, in my situation with two rounds of cancer I happily look forward to every new birthday I get to celebrate. Hurrah!

With that said I havent' been around here much lately. The refurbishing of my flat has taken so much longer than expected (isn't it always so?) and been so energy consuming that I simply haven't had the time. But I promise you soon there will be before and after pictures coming up when everything is ready, hopefully next week already.