Sunday, January 31, 2010

Få rabatt når du handler på nett

Handler du på nett? Her er siden, hvor du får tilgang til rabattkoder som du kan bruke når du shopper - slik at du får varene enda billigere. Smart!

Better brush up on my swimming skills... case I fall over board when going on the Copenhagen cruise!

Lol...seriously, it really has very little to do with swimming skills, but all the more with getting back in shape. It's only a few months left to the bikini season and my body is showing a little too well that November, December and January has been all about sitting still a lot reading for exams, bingeing on Christmas goodies  and bargain hunting in the sales, and very little about training. So when I woke up today, I decided I'm getting serious about getting some exercise.

Off to the swimming pool, then. I swim at Bislet Bad, a small pool situated about a ten minutes bus ride from where I live. They give me a student's discount. The pool is an old one, dating from around the 1920's I think, sort of a Roman style bath with marble walls, colums and a high ceiling. For several years it was closed, until someone refurbished it and made it into a modern pool with a jaccuzzi, a sauna and updated wardrobes. They keep the water nice and warm, and children are only allowed on Saturdays, so it's very relaxed and quiet, giving off a spa vibe.

I had planned to swim for an hour. After 45 minutes all my limbs were hurting like crazy, but I said to myself I'll be damned if I give in to any weakness and stop swimming 15 minutes short of my planned time. I want those last minutes too, to feel completely exhausted before I get up. I managed, but not without swallowing a huge amount of water, feeling just about ready to sink a few minutes before my hour was up.

So training has officially started for 2010. I don't know if I'll be able to get my cellulite ridden, flabby thighs back into the shape they were in the summer of 2007 when the below picture with a friend was taken on vacation in San Diego (the very short skirt is long gone to the Salvation Army's thrift shop) - but at least I'm going for getting rid of the super lazy couch potato look I'm hiding under my winter gear right now.

I am sailing......

....well not just yet, but two girlfriends and I have just jumped on an offer that came with gossip magazine Se og Hör. The ticket cost of cruising from Oslo to Copenhagen and back, with 7 hours for shopping and lunching in the lovely Danish capital was zero. Yes, free! Of course we'll be spending lots of money on board in the shops and restaurants, but getting the ticket for absolutely nothing was too good an offer to pass up. We'll be going Sunday February 28th and returning to Oslo March 2nd in the morning. Ship a'hoy! (Photo by DFDS.)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Budget friendly costume jewellery

Recently acquired parrot coctail ring from It cost around NOK 100 (USD16). I think this will look great come summer when my skin is tan and I'm wearing white or just generally brighter colored clothes. I'll be wearing it the other way round, with the parrot's head towards my wrist, but I turned it upside down here to take the photo.

I love hoop earrings! This was a pretty good buy from Accessorize at NOK 79 (USD13) for three pairs.

Green is in fashion for spring and summer. This set of four bangles with colored sea shells was on sale at for NOK 29.50 (USD5). Below is another steal from the same place and same price - a whole heap of brass colored bracelets. I've seen a lot of khaki colors in the stores now, I think this will go very nicely with the safari/military style:

And lastly - something I got a couple of days ago - a real chunky silver metallic bracelet from Bik Bok. Same price as the hoop earrings, NOK 79:

In the bottom of my jewellery box

I had a look through one of my jewellery boxes earlier this morning, and found a couple of long forgotten treasures that haven't been used in years. (Never mind my hand looking like a vultures claw or something - it's pretty difficult to relax the muscles when trying to focus and keep the camera - an the moving pearl - still with only one hand.)

I took them to the local jeweller store and had them cleaned. Above is a stunning 24K gold ring with a jade pearl, something my father brought back from the Middle East some 25 years or more ago. Look at the delicat filigree work - the goldsmith doing that must have had a serious amount of patience!

This is a sterling silver ring with oxidized and goldplated silver. That was a gift from someone in my family way back in the 80's. How cool to find old things you have that still go very well with the outfits I'm using today!

Today's outfit

Debuting the Donatella Versace for Victoria's Secret coat I got for half price from Ebay, while meeting a friend for shopping and coffee in Bogstadveien. We went to one of my favorite pubs, The Broker, which was packed as it always is on Saturdays when Bogstadveien is full of shoppers. We were lucky though, and got a nice table as someone left just as we entered. While there are many cool pubs, cafés and restaurants in the area, somehow we more than half of the times end up in this particular place. It's just so cosy with the brown wooden walls and huge chandelieres hanging from the roof, especially when it's cold and dark outside like now.

Other than the coat, I'm wearing: Grey beanie (don't remember which store), grey leopard print scarf from Ebay, Cubus skinny jeans and grey suede Acne boots.

Huge disappointment and tiny consolation

I waited for this pair of wedges to be delivered from H&M online all January. They looked so incredibly fierce in the catalogue and in the pictures in the online store. When they arrived today, I eagerly put them on - only to discover that the fabric the straps are made of (not leather) is such a lousy quality it doesn't really hold the foot in place when walking. I tried them on my living room floor, and after a few steps half of the front of my feet were on their way out of the shoes. That is so not hot! Already packed up again, going back Monday morning.

However, the cute slippers from the Sonial Rykel for H&M collection were now 75% off. I've already got some of the lingerie with this pattern from when the collection was released in December last year. The slippers fit nicely. And they keep my toes in place.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ebay steal: Blue enamel cocktail ring

The other week when I was wearing my spray paint Kensie skirt, I felt like I needed something on my hand to pick up the blue color in the skirt. Ebay is my friend! For less than GBP2 (NOK18/USD3), I got this gorgeous ring from a very friendly lady in Ireland. Cute, no? :)

The seller has more cute jewellery for sale on Ebay here:

Today's outfit

For the record - I did not venture out for drinks with a friend tonight with my hair in a mess and without any make-up on. I just took the photo before getting the last few bits done. :) We went to a place I've never been before, Oslo Mekaniske Verksted, in the part of town called Grönland (lots of immigrants, especially from Pakistan and India, live here). I loved it! Obviously so do a lot of other Oslo-inhabitants, as the place was completely packed. It's only a bar, no restaurant, but one can make a reservation for a table and bring your own food with you. How great is that! What was especially nice, was the huge fire place close to the bar counter. Lovely way to get warm again when it's freezing outside like tonight.

Wearing: Deep purple cardigan from Vila, light grey tee from Diesel, black cami from Calida, black wash jeans from H & M Divided, Steve Madden boots, purple enamel cocktail ring, black metal hoops and chunky silver metal bracelet from Bik Bok. The Diesel shirt is new in stores right now, and has a cool print in black, blue and purple:

Accessorize sunglasses

Sunglass season is coming up and I love sunglasses! Yesterday, I checked out the new range from Accessorize and this model, called Ange Animal Oval Sunglasses, fits my face shape like they were made for me. The collection has many models to choose from. I tried several and all seem to be well made and fit very nicely. Prices are quite reasonable for this quality and are around NOK 200 (USD35) in stores.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Latest hair fashion: Grey?

Seriously? Or did Ms Moss just have a bad hair day while visiting Paris? Looking at her outfits, pictured in The Daily Mail, one can surmise that both extremely short dresses and white blazers are very much in fashion for spring. Green, too. And grey is also very hot right now. On everything else than hair, or so I thought. But the grey streaks in her newly highlighted hair, are they supposed to be trendy as well? Fugly, if you ask me. If this isn't an accident, I'm staying well away from this trend. Looking older on purpose? Thanks, but no thanks! (Photo from the Daily Mail).

New York, New York

And so we finally decided, my sister and I. On the dates we're going to New York, that is. Departure from Norway April 14th and returning April 19th. The booking with SAS is already made. American cousins, here we come!

It's been a long time since my sister and I went to New York together. The last time was in 1994 - 16 years ago! I remember when we went through immigration, the officer asked my sis about the purpose of her trip: "Business or pleasure, miss?" "Shopping, sir!" the one with the black belt in shopping beamed. The officer cracked up laughing, stamped our passports and wished us a pleasant stay.

I have a lot on the agenda already. One day we'll be going to the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets to look for greatly reduced designer items. With over 200 fashion shops to choose from, I'm certain we won't be leaving the place empty handed. Also, a must for me is a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Otherwise, I guess we'll just be roaming around the city trying to take in as much as possible in the few days we have. Oh....looking so much forward to this - can't wait! (Photo by Albatros Travel).

Chanel 505 Particuliére in Esthetique now

I received my specimen from a friend in the US a couple of days ago, and I've already got several compliments from total strangers about the gorgeous color. I love it! :)

I also found all three new spring colors, including this one, selling from today in Esthetique in Glasmagasinet (Oslo).  Maybe other selected Esthetique stores around the country have it as well? It's a limited edition and won't come back when sold out, so those interested should run and get it now.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today's outfit

Army green and grey on my way to uni. Wearing: Dress from Gina Tricot (the white spot is a button, not dirt!), wrestler back tank from Kappahl, grey tights from H & M, shoes from Marc Bohan, leopard calf hair belt from Ebay and brass hoop earrings.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diesel wannabes

Inspired by the seemingly gorgeous shoes with long laces shown in the Diesel pre-fall 2010 collection (which I think are wedges, btw) I didn't think twice when I found these cuties in a shoe sale in town earlier today. I had an appointment with my skin specialist doctor and had no plans at all for shopping anything. I was on my way back to the bus stop when I passed an outlet selling huge amounts of shoes and boots very cheaply.

Now, this shoe fetishist has never seen a shoe sale I didn't want to look at, so in I went. The very first pair of boots I saw, were these. They're by Norwegian shoe producer Marc Bohan, and in artificial leather. Usually I don't buy boots which is not real leather, but I loved these so much at the NOK 250 (US42) price I simply couldn't resist. The heel looks like wood and the color of the boots is a greyish brown that goes with anything. The laces are different colors. Sturdy rubber soles with non-slip surface adds to the value of the cool look. Put them on today when I was about to venture outside again, and they're nice and roomy with little need of breaking in. Will definitely be on my feet tomorrow when I'm going to a lecture at uni.

QXL Steal: Grey silky tunic for 1 krone (15 cents)

So grey is the new black, or so they say - the experts. Suits me fine, as I have a lot of grey clothes. While I was cleaning out my closets and listing a lot of stuff I no longer wear on local auction site QXL, of course I found something to fill them up even more. Lol...but at 1 krone (15 cents), this light grey silky tunic with black buttons from Saint Tropez was too good to pass up. It arrived today and goes really great with my dark grey Mango cardigan. What a steal!

Today's outfit

The last couple of days the temperature has dropped somewhat, and one has to get dressed accordingly. So I guess I might better fit the description "stuffed" rather than stylish. But at least I was warm. Wearing: Winter white beanie from Accessorize, army green parka fra Jean Paul, jeans and floral scarf from Cubus, and my new boots which I'll be covering in another post.

Underneath the parka:

Long gray wool mix cardigan from Marco Polo and long winter white tunic from Vila. And completely flat hair after using the beanie. :) I got the tunic yesterday. It's from Vila's spring collection. It's 100% cotton and very soft, but I'm a bit uncertain about the length. Maybe a bit too long for jeans? I'll try leggings next time.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Lol....after the blunder with the Dove body glue (covered in an earlier post) I stocked up on my favorite body lotion today when I found out Vita is selling all varieties of Nivea body lotions at half price (NOK 29.50, USD 5) per bottle. I think the offer lasts at least this week, maybe next as well? While there are many different Niveas to chose from, I love the Q10 moisturiser, as it keeps the skin really moist and soft all day, while being light and easily absorbed by the skin. No clothes sticking to the body there. This lot should keep me covered for a while!

Today's outfit

Went to a lecture at uni today and did purple all over! Well, almost, as I was donning jeans and grey suede boots as well. Wearing: Aubergine colored cardi from La Redoute, lilac tank from Victoria Secret, long silver chain with purple glass pearls from Snö of Sweden, old sterling silver chain with charm, sterling silver hoops and skinny jeans from Cubus. Tomorrow I'm going downtown to look for a tripod - I'm fed up with bad, out of focus pictures.

Diesel Pre-fall 2010

Heck, we're still 2-3 months away from spring and I'm sitting here lusting after Diesel's fall collection for 2010! They're using a lot of olive and khaki green colors, plaid and black washed denim. Right up my alley. I die, as a famous stylist would say. Already making a note of checking with Diesel about which date this collection arrives in stores. I want the above pictured outfit and I want it bad! (Photo by Diesel).

More pictures from this collection, shown at the Berlin Fashion Week, can be seen here in Woman Magazine.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today's outfit

On my way to a late lunch with a friend. Wearing: Black fine knit sweater from Cubus, grey wool mix scarf from Va Vite, blue skinny jeans from Cubus and black leather ankle boots from Fornarina that I got off Ebay two years ago at some ridiculously cheap price. Brass hoops which I love, but can't remember where I got those earrings from.

The OPI Suede Collection - matte nail polish

Late last year I read about one of the fall's nail polish trends in the US, matte colors. That reminded me that I used to have a mattifier sometime during the 90's, so matte polish is by no means an entirely new idea. However, I decided to go back to the 90's beautywise (wish I could do that wrinklewise, and went to Kicks who is among the very few that sells OPI in Oslo. There I was told they wouldn't get matte polishes in before spring. Now, that's what I call really late to the party. has some of the colors for sale at GPB 9.95 a bottle (NOK100 or USD17), but I found the whole limited edition suede collecion of 6 colors on Ebay for USD32 (NOK180). The shipping was USD16 (NOK95), so in total I paid less for 6 bottles than I would for 3 if I had gotten them from Lookfantastic.

The colors have really fancy names like Lincoln Park After Dark and You don't know Jacques, and are in brown, grey, blue and purple shades. In the bottles, some of them look very similar, but they're really different when they're applied. They come out shiny, but not glossy. Here, I'm wearing the dark grey called "Suzi skis in the Pyrenees":

I've found a blog that has really great swatches of all the colors and that also shows how they look like if you wear clear top coat to change the matte effect:

So, after I've tried on every color in matte, I'll do the same with a top coat, too. 12 "colors" for less than NOK300 - I'm not complaining! :)

Pure bliss

A friend that I go swimming with one day brought a delightfully spa-smelling bottle of shower oil to the training. It was by french brand L'Occitane, and she had bought it in their store in Bogstadveien and boasted that it was just soooo good! So when I found this big bottle in the ferry's duty free store I decided I would try it, too. It cost NOK 124 (USD21) on the ferry for 250ml. I don't know the store price for this size as it was not specified onboard the boat. But Kristin, you were absolutely right! Not only does it smell wonderful, it also leaves the skin silky smooth and supersoft. And a little goes a long way, so this big bottle will last a long time. Thumbs up!

Two trends in one

Here are two spring trends in one; the color blue will be hot, and so will statement bangles in enamel. I get the impression that bigger is better, so I'll be looking for a really wide enamel bangle in another color, too. The narrow one is by Danish jeweller Dyrberg Kern. I got it on sale at half price on the ferry to Sweden. The other one is by Bianco, cost around NOK 60 (USD10) and is in stores right now.

The other day I also got a gorgeous blue enamel necklace at NOK 300 (USD50) from the Match Clothing store in Karl Johans gate:


While I think the wide bangle might be just too much blue enamel to go with the necklace, the narrow one will probably do fine. Looking back at my outfits this week, I also think that when wearing the necklace with the spray paint patterned Kensie skirt with some blue in it, a huge electric blue cocktail ring would have looked great with that outfit, so I'm searching Ebay for that.

Speaking of rings, I also found a very cute purple enamel ring in a closing down sale. At only NOK 11.50 (USD2), it just begged to come home with me:

Speed shopping in Sweden

Wild! When I went to Sweden with the Oslo Breast Cancer Association yesteday, we first drove to Sandefjord to take the ferry to Strømstad in Sweden. On the ferry, the clothes store had a big sale. Clothes and some jewellery were reduced by 30-70% and naturally, as the ferry was packed with Norwegians going on a weekend excursion to Sweden, the store was full of eager shoppers, too! The beauty store and the usual duty free store were even worse. In the beauty store, I gave up trying to find a new perfume, as the queues were simply too long.

At the Nordby shopping centre outside of Strømstad we had less than two hours to look through some of the 110 stores. I litterally ran through most of the stores, having a quick look, but ended up getting only a few, small things which I will be covering in other posts. No fashionable outfits to show off for the first trip abroad this year, then.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today's outfit

Today I had to get up in the middle of the night (at least by my standards) to join the Oslo Breast Cancer Association on a day trip to Sweden for some shopping. Still half asleep I felt like wearing some color to sort of wake me up. I chose this bright pink tie dye long sleeved tee in organic cotton which I got on a sale from Indiska at NOK 65 (USD11). As for the rest:

Long, light grey cable knit cardigan in wool mix from Marco Polo, distressed skinny jeans from Cubus and grey suede boots from Acne. Sterling silver hoops and necklace.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's outfit

Crossdressing! Lol...Last week there was a new item in H&M that immedately attracted my attention. However, it was in the men's department. Now would I find something there small enough to fit a size 34 (US 4)? I took a size Small to the dressing room and tried it on - and it fit! The material is a little shiny, and made of Lycocell (which I believe is recycled synthetic material), acrylic and wool. Nice detailing on the sleeves, which can be rolled up, and on the shoulder where there are small buttons:

It also fit very well with a wool mix scarf that I got a couple of weeks ago at 70% off from a closing down sale:

As for the rest of the outfit, I'm wearing: Black jeans from Indiska, black beanie from H&M (bad hair day, I woke up with the worst bedhead and didn't have time to wash and dry my hair), oxidized sterling silver necklace (gift from a former employer), oxidized metal hoops, studded black leather belt from La Redoute and Steve Madden Rusttik studded boots in black suede. I enlisted the help on an American friend last fall to get them from, as unfortunately they don't ship to Norway. (Thanks Dave, I love 'em!)

H&M Steal: Floral wedges

Wedges? Check
Florals? Check
Powdery colors? Check
Cheap? Check

From last year's collection by H&M and on sale in the online store, these super cute wedges that are still very much in fashion this year became mine for NOK 79,50 (USD 13). What's not to like about that?

H&M Garden Collection


In late March (I think it's the 25th), the H & M Garden Collection goes on sale. All the garments are made using either organic cotton or linen, or recycled materials. Very eco friendly! The collection is full of light colors and florals, and includes t-shirts, tunics, jackets, shorts dresses, blouses and accessories like shoes and scarves. All of the products and the fashionista friendly prices can be seen in the price list here. I love florals, so I'll be sure to line up for some of these very summery looking items! (Photos by H & M).

Rock vs classic

Spot the difference! ;) Two pairs of Jimmy Choo's. The left pair is a model called Octave. It's from the 2008 collection and was completely sold out from Jimmy Choo's online store. I got lucky and got a pair in my size on sale for half price as it was a return from another customer who for some reason didn't want to keep it. The pair on the right is one of the models from the collection Jimmy Choo did in collaboration with H & M. The collection sold out immediately, and I was very happy to have gotten my hands on three of the different models. While both pairs are black patent leather with high heels, the Octave model is more ladylike and classic. The other pair is a more "rocked-up" design. However, the H & M verison don't fit my feet as well. I've got somewhat wide feet, and my little toes are peeping out from between the front straps. I've only used them a couple of times. So I'm selling them on local auction site qxl. Too bad, really, as I intended them for use with clothes that are typically "going out clubbing with friends" while the other pair is for use on special occasions when serious dressing up is required.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chanel spring 2010 nail polish mania

This is spring's most coveted nail polish, the mushroom colored Chanel 505 Particuliére. It was used in the Chanel S/S 2010 runway show, and also in Chanel ads featuring British singer Lily Allen. It's been on sale in the US since before Christmas, but maybe it's sold out already? At least it sells on Ebay for a lot more than retail price.

Thanks to my friend Micelle in the US, my very own specimen is on it's way to me in the mail now. I'm so looking forward to trying this out. (Thanks heaps, M.) A lot of fashion and beauty sites have already written page up and page down about this particular color, which is one of three in Chanel's spring palette. Here are a few:

According to Marie Claire, it goes on sale in Selfridges on January 29th, but there's already a wait list. I don't know if it will be in Esthetique stores in Norway on the same date, but maybe worth checking out for those who want it. (Photo by Chanel).

Today's outfit

Earlier today I just wore jeans and a thick jacket. But tonight I'm going out with my friend Hege. We're going to an art exhibion, and then out for dinner afterwards. Scrubbed up a bit for that.

Wearing: Mango grey cardi (yes, it's cold outside), Laura Clement for La Redoute black silk top with raw edges, Kensie silk skirt and Bianco brown boots. Blue hearts necklace from Match. (Maybe not the nicest boots to go with this outfit, but we're walking a bit and higher heels are dangerous on the ice on the pavements. I'm not taking the risk.)

Ebay steal: Leopard wedges

Today, these cuties arrived in the mail. Wedges are hot right now, and I wanted some cool ones for spring. I found this pair of Steve Madden calf hair wedges on Ebay, and against only one other bidder I won the auction for the incredibly reasonable amount of  USD 15.50 (NOK 90). Well below the duty free limit of NOK 200, too. Talk about steal!

They were listed as used once, but that wear is not visible at all. Just like new. Fit perfectly! My toes are so happy:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today's outfit

Stripes are in fashion, but I'm not too keen on the white and blue french fisherman's sweater stuff. So I layered a long sleeved black tee with a short sleeved striped one in white and black. The weather in Oslo was terrible today, gusts of ice cold wind and snow. Had to use my fake fur snowboots and throw on a big, chuncky knit cardigan:



Wearing: H & M tees, H & M grey beanie, H & M Divided limited etd. black wash skinny jeans, vintage braided black leather belt, burgundy mock croc leather watch (found on Ebay by my sis), oxidized sterling silver necklaces, oxidized steel hoops, fake fur snow boots from Nilsson shoes, cardi by Mango.