Monday, December 20, 2010

Sneaking in a touch of colour

Outside my flat there's a little entrance that I share with my next door neighbour. It used to be all white, which I found rather dull after seeing it every day for seven years. Now, technically, this room is part of the public areas in my building as it's an emergency exit through the loft, from one main entrance to another. However, on a daily basis my neighbour and I are the only ones who use it. So I asked her if she was ok with my adding a touch of color to it. As she had no problem with that, I just decided to go ahead and paint it without bothering to ask the board for permission. Since they're never here anyway, I'm pretty sure they're never gonna notice something has changed....;)



Now: One wall is painted in a greyish blue called Gustavian Blue. At least it matches the rather ugly vinyl on the floor. (Why didn't they use some nice tiles instead? Surely it can't be that expensive for this tiny room?)

And since it's Christmas, I added a few ornaments to the usually empty jar that I've put out there just because there's no space for it inside the flat:

A bit more welcoming than just plain white, no?


  1. I agree! A little more welcoming than just plain old white :)

  2. lovely!!
    i so agree... small dashes of color CAN do wonders!!!

  3. Totally! The colour change and the little extras make such a difference.

  4. What a great idea. Love that grey colour. Wishing you a great Christmas and a positive, hopeful and happy 2011. XX

  5. That's such a pretty color! Very versatile and sophisticated.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Hi girl...
    I love the vase, and the photos are great.
    I really liked the color...I am thinking about doing the same thing myself...

    Have a great day.