Friday, August 13, 2010

Furry greetings in my guest book

From Sati (3)....

...and Poja (3).

While mum and dad cruised away in the Mediterranean, they left us with this weird babysitter that was waaaaay too strict and did not let us do absolutely everything we wanted to. For instance:

She would not trust our flying squirrel skills and let us jump off the terrace. I mean, come on, it's only five floors down...

...and she would only let us climb halfway up the bookshelf...

...even if she knew we would have so much fun going all the way to the top!

What a boring old fart!

And then she would force us to exercise outside EVERY DAY!

Over there? What do you mean over there? That's friggin' halfway across the park!

Hmmmm....only if you carry me up the stairs afterwards. All five floors, or no deal!

No wonder we sometimes were dead tired...

I'm not gonna make it all the way to my bed, this plastic bag will have to do....

But, ok then, it really wasn't all that bad...

We got to fight with her large collection of ugly teddy bears...

...and mess up her kitchen drawers real good

And she did have a lot of patience when we found something really interesting to do... testing out the ostrich kind of life style...

...or spending endless amounts of time playing hide and seek...

...or even wanted to take a roll in the soil in the janitor's freshly planted beds of flowers in the backyard:

But the coolest thing though, was when we put up our most sorry faces to show her that the grass would be so much greener on the other side of the terrace door...

...the sucker fell for it every time!


When mum and dad came to get us again, we showed our appreciation for all the soil cleaning work she had to put up with by restraining ourselves from going for her tempting soft leather Jimmy Choos, and only left our greetings in her cheap $2 flip flops. Aren't we just the most considerate guests ever?!


  1. oh!!!
    i am laughing soooo hard..
    this coulda been the sweetest and cutest post ever...

    hope you are doing well!!!

  2. This post brought a smile to my face. :D

  3. Oh so lovely - you know how I adore reading about the furry guests you have to stay from time to time. What wonderful photographs too - they are just too cute for their own good (and they know it!) x

  4. Oh so naughty and yet so cute!

  5. I'm glad you all enjoyed these images.

    My absolute favorite is the one with Poja looking out ot the window in the door. Her whole expression and body language, so obviously telling that she knows there's a whole new world beyond that door, just waiting to be explored. It cheers me up, looking at it.