Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ooops....I did it again

Just a few weeks ago, I commented on several other blogs that under no circumstances would I ever dream of buying clothes for fall in the midst of summer.

Now, back in January I was all over myself about Diesel's prefall collection. Just a little pic to remind you:

And while running an errand in the shopping area where their store is located, I figured there would be no harm in going in just to have a look around....

Ok, so I confess. I had one of my many lapses of willpower when leaving with these...

...and the pants too...

At least I didn't buy the jacket. Probably because it still hadn't arrived in store.


  1. oh wow!
    those shoes are super sweet!!!

  2. those shoes are going to rock come autumn wardrobe time! YES!

  3. Hi honey:)
    They were gorgeous..i love wedges...
    Bought a pair at Bianco, and have been using them to death...

    Have a nice evening - SP