Thursday, February 3, 2011


Oh no.....! I got this idea that I would wash my whole teddy bear collection as they've been played with by many ferrets and got a bit dirty over time. They all survived, except for my precious koala, given to me by an Australian friend many, many years ago. A sad day, indeed.

Anyway - I might seem a little mature to still keep these toys, but hey, almost all of them are gifts from dear friends and loved ones on special occasions. What would you do? Do you hold on to old toys for the sake of the memories attached to them, or do you give them away to declutter your life?


  1. I think my mom donated all our toys from when we were kids. So I have no for keepsake purposes. I kind of wish I had them now. I would love to give one of my favorite childhood toys to my kids someday. Sorry about the koala :(

  2. I love, love my old teddy bears, so I do not judge others for having them too :)

    I'm sorry about your koala. Maybe handwash the rest from now on?

  3. Oh no! This looks sad indeed. Yes, I do hold on to some old cuddly toys - a rabbit with 1 eye I got when I was 2, a koala (which looks very much like yours) I got when we lived in Australia (the fur is kangaroo), and a BIIG Steiff teddy bear, probably worth a fortune now if I hadn't decorated it with lipstick...

  4. Oh NO!!! that is very sad - poor Koala Bear !! X

  5. This is a public place so I'm being a little careful what I say. Suffice to say, you are not the only one with very strong affections for a couple of special childhood companions.
    So sorry this chap didn't make it.

  6. aww poor koala! don't worry i will send you another one :))

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  8. Hey Ladies!

    Thank you all for your supportive and sometime hilarious comments about this little casualty from last week's washing machine massacre. Besides, I'm glad to see several other bloggers whose opinion I always cherish, admit to a bit of nostalgia.

    @ SWIW: Oh, thanks so much for you offer of getting me a new one. But please, don't go out of your way to do this - I know you must be extremely busy these days. The thought is after all what counts.:)

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  10. Aww! Poor thing! I had a teddy for a while. Nice one with moveable joints. I still have a collection of Peter Rabbit stuffed toys in my room. The cats have no interest in them.

  11. bless his baby heart!! Hope you're well :)