Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where did you get those shoes?

The shop assistant in the Beverly Hills boutique didn't pay my H&M outfit a second's attention. My white silk blouse and breezy black and white floral georgette skirt was totally lost on her. I guess she could sniff out deginer items from a mile away. And she did. The one expensive thing about my outfit. Namely my shoes.

Which brand? Where did I get them? When? The questions kept coming. London, from the Prada store in Sloane St, I told her. Got them on a sale the previous autum, I said.  Oh...isn't it typical, she sighed. It had to be European! We don't get any quite as beautiful shoes like those here.

My jaw dropped almost to the floor. With the endless selection of just about everything being available in the US, were we on the same planet? Had my visit to a whole floor of designer shoes in an upmarket department store a few days prior been just a hallucination? As my suitcase was full of new treasures, it simply couldn't be so.

I can't recall if I got anything from her store, though. But at least I still remember her for her very finely tuned nose for above average shoe quality. That really warmed this shoe-freak's heart.


  1. Oh my - what a funny story ! :-)
    I thought they got every piece in the US - namely in Beverly !

    (Great shoes!)


  2. Love the shoes girl...
    i bet you look really great in them:)

  3. love helmut newton! and kitten heels are great!

  4. @Katerina:

    Thank you for your visit and comment. I really had to think this through - because I've never seen the heels of this pair as being kittens. To me kittens are usually 1.5 to 2 inches tall, up to about 5 cm. The Pradas are 3.15 inches (8 cm) and that usually doesn't count as kittens, according to various definitions I've seen.

    But then again, others might have a different perception of what a kitten heel is - especially when comparing the height to platforms which are still so visible in today's big trend picture. Those extreme heights caused by the platforms make ordinary heels look low in comparison.

    And also, the comment gave room for another thought - some self constructive criticism. If I make a pair of high heeled shoes appear shorter than they really are, I need to work on my photography. I will immediately try and do a better job on my next shot, promise! :)

  5. Cool telling.

    Angående hårfarve: Det var da ærgeligt. Jeg hader at gå fra frisøren med en øv-følelse. Jeg håber snart farven falder til eller at du kan få farvet det igen så.


  6. Funny story. I guess one could say she had a nose for designer gear.

  7. Haha love this story - so true though. I like mixing and matching luxury items with affordable trendy pieces because let's face it, no one is going to notice your $20 blouse when you have Prada on your feet :)

  8. Those are gorgeous! Sometimes the bag, shoes, or necklace just blow everything else away!

  9. Such lovely shoes - no wonder the SA noticed them and thank you for your lovely message... For sure we will be in touch when/if I am back in UK this year and it would be so great to meet up... Do hope all will be well ... love Semi

  10. That's too funny!! But I do believe she's on to something. I think the design houses keep the best stuff over seas ;o) I don't have much of a nose for designer shoes, but I can spot a designer bag from miles away! It's all in the details :)

  11. Haha, it's really interesting how some people can sniff out designer items from a mile away.
    The truth is that everyone would notice your shoes. They are fabulous!!!
    Oh and thank you so much for your sweet words,
    you are such a kind person.

  12. No Prada in Beverly Hills... I don't think so. Maybe she's living in her shop. But these shoes are so gorgeous, Sniff. They hurt my feet just looking at them, but I would wear them all them same - with pride!

  13. Oh he 's a genius!!! I love him!!!
    That beautiful shoes darling ;D!

  14. ooooh!
    they really ARE gorgeous shoes!!