Friday, May 28, 2010

Balenciaga open toe ankle boots

(Photo from Browns)

As worn by Charlotte Gainsbourg at a photo call at the Cannes Film Festival (right image). Love everything about that outfit, and the shoes - OH LA LA! If only I had £795 to spare (and not too many shoes already..., eh..never mind that, can there ever be too many shoes, really?).

 (Photo from Fabsugar)


  1. Hi Sniff
    They are gorgeous, as is Charlotte G.

    Agree though on price and number of shoes already owned.

    Who knows though, if the high street get 'inspired' this season, perhaps we have a chance to own the look?

    Have a lovely weekend.

    SSG xxx

  2. Hi Sniff:)
    You are absolutely right, there can NEVER be to many shoes...
    And these were amazing...

    Have a great day - SP

  3. that shoe is amazing! but its a tad too high for me. :( though if i had it, i'd proudly display it like, on a table in a glass protective cover :p

    {no, it's not about birds}

  4. These are too gorgeous for words - I can imagine myself wearing them out to drinks in Paris. They are perfect for me:-)
    Happy Sunday and hope all is well...

  5. Are parts of the shoe removable? I can't see the white part in the left picture. Oh to have a pair of Balenciagas...