Saturday, May 22, 2010

Under my umbrella

Well, that's where I've spent most of my time this week, anyway.

Since returning back to Oslo on Tuesday after spending the weekend and our National Day (Constitution Day) on May 17th at my sister's place in Southern Norway, the weather has been gorgeous and very warm. Perfect for outdoor activites (read: keeping cool in the shade of my parasol). To quote one of my favorite songs by Kid Rock: I've been sittin' here wasting time - drinkin', smokin', tryin' to free my mind....

 (Terrace slippers - great for lounging around)

These past few weeks since returning from New York have been quite the ordeal. It all started last summer, really. A tiny pea sized lump on my tummy caused me to worry enough to have the Cancer Centre change my scheduled routine check-up from October to August. Nothing wrong was found. It grew, and was taken out by a local surgeon in November. By January it was back, twice the size. It was removed once again by the same surgeon. At the February check-up the Cancer Centre found no reason to worry. Again, the tests showed nothing wrong. By the beginning of March the lump exploded in size. My GP thought it better to have the Cancer Centre take a closer look and asked them to give me a new appointment Almost two months later I finally got a response - from the head of the department of plastic surgery! He flat out refused giving me a new appointment to have the lump removed and examined. Like he thought I was a lunatic hypocondriac or something. In the meantime, the lump had grown even more.

That's when I decided to invest in getting a check-up at a private hospital. Unfortunately, they don't have a department for treating cancer, and since that's what they're thinking the lump might be, they sent a rather strongly worded referral back to the public hospital, asking to have it removed within one to two weeks. Even if it turns out to be benign, it must be removed shortly, they said, otherwise the surgeon won't be able to close the opening in the skin as it it will be too big to pull together. A week later I was called in for a consultation, which consisted of a surgeon taking a superficial look at it, and telling me he would waitlist me for a surgery. Then - nothing. No word from the hospital. When my GP called the surgery coordinator yesterday, he claimed my papers must have been misplaced as he had not received them, so no surgery was scheduled. I don't know what my GP said to him, but at least she could give me the good news that I'm going for a CT-scan on Tuesday and surgery next Friday.

The fight for being treated, the worry and the waiting has caused complete exhaustion on my part, thus no blogging. But for all that have been so kind and left encouraging and comforting comments here; Thank you!

For LouBoo and the challenge of a Grumpy Meme, I guess I'm so grumpy about the arrogance of some of the doctors at the public hospital I can think of little else at the moment to go grrrrr! about. When fighting for one's health and maybe even life against a couple of bastards in white coats, everything else turns pale in comparison. But otherwise, all kinds of injustice and cruelty towards humans and animals usually trigger my temperament to the extent of explosion.

For Soul Princess and the challenge of discussing one's blogging habits, blogging isn't really that big a part of my life. Originally I started blogging just to discuss clothes, shoes and make-up with a friend living in the US and anyone else possibly interested, but somehow my blog has turned into more of the "everything else" part than fashion and beauty, it seems. At least for the moment. What I really enjoy about it though, is the contact with other bloggers, all the inspiration I get from them and also the feedback, both from bloggers and my family and friends.

And for Holly Wolf and your comment to this post - yes, that is cousin Denise. And if she's your cousin too, it must mean we're somehow related - and I can't place you. Now, that has me really intrigued...or wait - do you happen to live in San Diego? :)

Well, that's it for now. I'm done with the "drinking and smoking" for today. Tomorrow I'll be doing more of the waisting time bit - in gardening centres. There's still a few more flowers needed by the "early morning sun/afternoon shade wall" here, I believe.

At least until the climbing Flammentanz rose in the corner (which were about 5 cm (2 inches) tall when I planted it a month ago) grows a bit further and becomes more like this:

 (Random photo from the net)


  1. Oh what an ordeal you have had to go through to get the surgery scheduled - I am so sorry - now wonder you feel exhausted. I was so glad though to see a post from you and to know that you have had some good times this week too relaxing on your lovely balcony under the umbrella. Your flowers are just beautiful. THinking of you and hope you enjoy your weekend.x

  2. Hi - I was thinking about you - so I am pleased for an update. Now a grumpy meme seems a little - inappropriate?! You really do have something to be grumpy about!

    In a small way I totally understand that frustration to get seen/heard/treated. It's a nightmare as that struggle becomes bigger than the things itself that needs treating. And of course the worry all along...

    I am sure it's been a wretched time. Big blog hugs for you...take the very best care. Louise x

  3. Hi girl:)
    Love your balcony girl...
    And the flowers are great, the white chair was great was well...

    I wonder where you live:)

    Have a great weekend.SP

  4. Hey dear, so sorry to hear about the medical drama. Good vibes for this week and Friday.

    Hope we can talk about more Choos and enjoying life in flip flops soon. :)

  5. Your terrace is dreamy, I want to be up there now, I love all the colours going on. Our deckchair in the garden has my name written all over it today - it's 27 degrees on the south coast (UK) so got to make the most of it. I am so sorry to hear about the ordeal you are experiencing and that it is still going on! You are so strong, I have full admiration for your persistence and forthrightness about it. Go girl!

  6. I love that sundeck. Your blog is really great and I am so glad I found it!

    :) Marcie

  7. Hopefully, the doctors can get their heads out of their collective behinds and help you with the lump.

    Your mom sent me the link to your blog. I live in Metro Detroit, Michigan. I've been working on the family tree, so i can plot out our relationship. My Great grandmother was Louisa Hermansen who was a sister to your great grandfather Henry Hermansen. About 15 years ago, your mother and Torkel came to visit my grandmother (Florence)and our family. We've been keeping in touch on and off ever since.

  8. uuughhh...

    i am PISSED for you sake.. i wish when you were in new york you coulda had someone to take a look.. but then the matter of insurance and all that hoopla.. i truly hope this gets taken care of.. i'll be thinking of you...

    and btw- you terrace is just so lovely and beautiful!!

  9. Oh, what a nightmare. Healthcare always seems to be a terrible runaround, socialized or no. Sometimes the arrogance of doctors shocks me. Will be sending prayers your way from the U.S., please keep us posted.

  10. My God it really sounds like a nightmare, but you are a lucky girl and you have the most beautiful terrace in the world!
    I'm glad you are back.

  11. Thinking if you darling and sending prayers your way xoxo

  12. You have been through so much, but I'm so glad that you now have an appointment, and how awful of them to have misplaced your papers. We enjoy reading whatever YOu choose to write about here, and life is more than Fashion, my sweet one, so continue sharing. The flowers are so peaceful and pretty. The sandals, too.
    Here's hoping everything turns out well for you. X

  13. Oh my goodness! I had no idea you were going through all of this. The ludicrousness of these doctors! Their lack of concern for human life and emotion. :( Will be thinking of you and hoping everything goes well!

  14. Hi all! Thanks for the supportive comments and the compliments for my balcony. I really love it up here on the roof with only the clear blue sky above.

    @LouBoo - not inappropriate at all - a great chance for me to vent.

    @SP - I live in Bjoelsen (for you foreigners, that is about 3 km (approx 2 miles) north of downtown Oslo, a 10 minute ride by car or bus). Originally an old working class area that has now become hip with a younger crowd than the older people that used to live here a couple of decades ago.

    @Holly - yes, I asked my mum about you and she told me you live in Michigan. How cool to have another US relative reading my blog!

    As for the rest of this day: The x-ray centre cancelled my appointment a couple of hours before I was meant to be there as they had some technical trouble. I'm not going in till Thursday. And I found a new lump. In my supposedly healthy breast. A tiny, hard, pea sized lump in a place where there are not supposed to be any lumps at all.

    My head is just spinning...

  15. The health system there seems completely whack.

    ^ My way of saying that what happened shouldn't have happened! Can't believe they "lost" your papers, and after all that waiting and worrying too. /facepalm.

    I'm glad you're okay though!

    Feel better. Thanks for visiting! (:

  16. These photos are gorgeous, and that spot in the first photo looks like a dream! I am so sorry to hear of this terrible ordeal that you have been going through, and how awful at how they are treating you!!!

    Wishing you brighter days soon with a much smoother time in getting this resolved.

  17. I really am shocked, Sniff. I think the growth looks quite worrying and to be treated like this by the medical system is incredible upsetting. And I always thought thinks like this could only happen here in the UK! Wishing you all the best and lots of energy to deal with this! xxx

  18. What a strenuous experience! Clearly, you are a figher, and clearly, you are very bright to keep moving forward despite all of the roadblocks set up for you.

  19. Really beautiful pics and i absolutely want that slippers! Come to see s/s 10 church's slippers! Xoxo

  20. Oh sweetie I've been thinking of you so much. So sorry to hear everything that's been going on. I'm sending you a ton of positive vibes and hoping that everything goes well. xoxo

  21. Well, the lump is finally out! I am so happy about that (my great mood might also probably be attributed to a little something they gave me to relax, of which there might still be leftovers in my body..haha).

    Now, all I have to do is to wait for a couple of weeks for the results of the tests. The surgeon said he had never in his career seen something like the lump he removed. Really strange! Anyway, the whole thing only took a few hours. I was there at 7AM and by 11AM I was home. The nurse wanted to keep me there for a little longer, but I insisted I was fine. I got breakfast in bed before I left though. Since I live only 15 minutes walk from the hospital, I decided to walk home in the sunny weather. The nurse wasn't too happy about that either, but I took the route the ambulances normally use. If I had fainted or something, I figured it wouldn't take too long before one of them would stop and pick me up. :)

    Enough with health stuff now, I'm off to a gardening centre to comfort myself with buying even more flowers for my balcony. :)

  22. Hope everything is ok. Positive thought vibes to you!

  23. Great to have an update and I cannot believe how badly they've treated you - awful. No wonder you're exhausted by it all but so glad there appears to be a conclusion on the horizon. Will be thinking of you and sending tons of positive vibes your way xxx

  24. I hope everything will turn out for the best for you! I hope you have people close to you who supports and cares much for you! You keep fighting girl! Don't let the system beat you! Even though it can seem difficult at times you have experienced so much and you are much stronger than those who wants to bring you down. Don't let them win!!! I will send as many positive thoughts as I can your way!