Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy birthday, sis!

Today's my sister's birthday! Congrats!

Here we are in our national costumes (in Norwegian it's called bunad) a couple of weeks back, at my nephew's confirmation.

Bunads are different in colors and design depending on what part of the country they are from. Ours are from northern Norway, where my mother's family comes from. Our late grandma made them for us when we were still teenagers. My green one is the inland version, while my sister has the coast version. These types of garments are used especially during our National Day on May 17th, and on big occasions like weddings, confirmations and other grand gala events.


  1. Happy birthday to your sister! You both look lovely!

  2. So, at Weddings then do you wear this costume if you are the guest? Love the fact that you have a national costume....and Happy Birthday to your sister too. x

  3. @CCCL: Thank you! :)

    @SE: At weddings, and not just as guests. Some choose to get married in their bunads, too. Both women and men. I was maid of honour at a friend's wedding, and I wore my bunad for the service at the church, and then changed to another dress for the dinner.

  4. Thank you, Holly! I'll forward your greetings to sis. :)

  5. The pair of you are looking so relaxed and happy - Am singing a birthday song for your sister right now - trust all is well;-)