Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Well, hello there lover!"

Meet Pablo:

From Jimmy Choo's Pre Fall 10 collection, which can be seen in all its awesomeness here. Swoooooon!

(Photos by Jimmy Choo).


  1. Love these! I really am down with wedges, I just sunk into the grass in heels today, and it reminded me, must buy wedges! Probably won't be these though, but they sure are fun to look at! XO!

  2. Can one (as in ME) buy them, from the website, you think ? :-)
    Or is it not for Europe ?


  3. Flashy and fabulous - love them! I find myself drawn more and more to wedges these days... they're just so much more comfortable than stilettos :)

  4. @shari: Agree, they're very fun to look at. I just got a similar pair, but in a less flashy design. I'm not certain I would have bought these either if they had been in the store when I was there. However, I just thought they were cool as they are instant eye catchers.

    @Linda: Oh yes, you can buy from the Choo web site. Choo is a British brand, and they ship from England. Lucky you being Danish - that means you avoid the customs and duty fees that we Norwegians have to pay since we're not part of the EU. Make sure to check out their sales too, they often have great stuff at half price.

  5. Wow, crazy and cool! Hope you had a great weekend dear!