Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hot pink comfort

Filled with anticipation I ventured out today to try the pedicure treatment at a new beauty salon located on the top floor of one of the most exclusive department stores in Oslo. I see a pedicurist regularly, but she wasn't available until the end of next week, and then I'm out of town. So when I got an appointment for today at that new salon, I jumped at the possibilitiy of getting my feet done while also trying someplace new.

Disappointment is too weak a word for what I experienced. I will not go into the rather gross details of what transpired. Let's just say that after the first 15 minutes of the 60 minute treatment I felt just as dirty as one would if applying only perfume without showering after running a marathon. A few minutes later, I just couldn't take it anymore. I got up and left. I offered to pay for parts of the treatment, but I guess since I was so utterly shocked and appalled I was shaking,  they let me leave without charging me anything.

Shopping is therapy, right? So to comfort myself I went and bought a new Chanel nail polish. It's called Splendeur (no. 217) and is a hot pink/dark fuchsia shade. They still had the bubblegum pink shade that is part of Chanel's much coveted summer collection, as pictured here:

(Photo by The Nailphile)

I think that color is pretty cool, and I was seriously considering getting that one. However, as my feet get so tan in the summer they almost look dirty, I felt I needed something with a little extra oomph:

I was lucky enough to get a new appointment with my regular pedicurist next Tuesday, so I will get my feet expertly done before going away that weekend. But as we speak, I'm doing the home version right now so I can put my new nail polish to good use.

One of the three little furry friends I'm babysitting this week inspecting the results of my efforts.


  1. Oh so sorry you had such an awful experience with your pedicure - and it is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable - what a disappointment. LOVE your new polish though and I am sure you are looking forward to next Tuesday... Oh my goodness your cute little babysitting charge is adorable - love seeing this photo.
    Don't forget you are going to do us a post when you have a minute on keeping ferrets!! I am fascinated for one. x

  2. Uh oh, I can only imagine what happened to leave you rushing out of there! At least you found a bright color to perk up your mood.

  3. It must have been monsterous experience for you to leave midway through your pedi. I've never had a pedi done but i know it has to be very sanitary. I'm guessing this one was not!

    Your little babysitting charge is darling. Perhaps he/she was asking for a pedi too!

  4. Hey there.. stop by and see me for your award!! :)

    Licks from me..


  5. beautiful nail polish shade... i LOOOOVE nail polishes.. one of my most fave things ever!!

    sorry you had such a terrible experience...

  6. Pink is a fave on everything :) Hope you are doing well!

  7. That's terrible news, sweetie, so sorry that you had to go through all of that. On a happier note, am glad you managed to secure an appointment with your usual lady. What a happy and feminine nail varnish colour you have there! Your furry friend is so cute, too;-)
    Happy friday XX

  8. i love both of those chanel colours.. and sorry to hear about the crappy pedicure disappointment. i get mine done occasionally at a no frills $40 mani and pedi place... otherwise i do my own


  9. Thank you all for your nice comments and compliments.

    @SE: Yes, a post on ferrets is coming up shortly.

    @Olive: Many thanks for the award. I'll include my response to that in the ferret post.