Monday, January 24, 2011

Carrie'd away

SATC. Heels as works of art. Shoe addiction at $400 a pair (at least according to Miranda). Etc. Etc.

No need to waste too many words here, I believe. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? I'm pretty certain I'm not the only one who found her shoe soul mate in Carrie. For a while there, I was completely obsessed. I just had to get my hands on, or rather, feet in, some real SATC shoes.

So here they are, my very first pair of Manolo's. Bought from the designer's boutique during a summer holiday visit to London in the beginning of the noughties. A favourite every summer, with a suntan and one of my LWDs.

Dearly loved and well used. So much in fact, last summer one of the delicate, handmade straps broke. Considering how much affection I feel for what was to become the first pair of hideously expensive designer shoes in my possession, and how many pleasant summer memories are attached to them, the broken strap meant utter disaster. I would never, never be able to calmly throw these away like I would with a pair of $20 sandals from any of the high street chains. There had to be some way to fix it, even if one cobbler after the other just shook their heads, denying they had the tools and skills to fix such tiny things.

But then I got lucky. After practically begging on my knees, a repair guy in a leather goods store said he would try, even if he made no promises. But try he did. And it worked. Almost as good as before - cause from a distance this little "fix" won't be visible.

The turquoise treasures reminding me I actually got completely carried away by a TV show will live to see another summer.


  1. Yay for fixes!!

    I don't even want to know how much you paid for those.

    I'm more of a thrifty shopper, but I will admit to spending $500 on a pair of jeans once. (or twice)

  2. A true shoe love story:) Så herlig at du fortsatt kan få mye glede av de. Herlig! :)

  3. I could always especially identify with Carrie's worries about 'bags of shoes, but nowhere to live'... Your shoes are beautiful. Manolos are very delicate indeed - lucky you got them fixed.

  4. This is the second happily ever after shoe story I've heard. The first, of course, is Cinderella. Do you think the glass slippers were Manolos?

  5. They look great dear! Sigh STILL waiting for my first pair of Manolos!

  6. I've never been a shoenista ( I have fussy feet!), but I'm a handbag girl for sure!! What a great find!! I'm glad you were able to get them repaired! Now you can enjoy them for a little bit longer!

  7. So pleased they are fixed for you - such a pretty colour and I can imagine how gorgeous they must look on with your LWD. x

  8. Amazing shoes darling! this point of light blue is wonderful! Congratulations 4 your first Manolo's!!!

  9. Ohhh shoes! So glad you got them fixed! I am a total shoe queen, and am so very sad to have gotten arthritis in my FEET which makes it very painful to wear any of the 100 pairs in my closet unless I want to pay the price...but I will not let them go!

  10. They were totally worth saving! A good pair of shoes are ageless!

  11. Kule, tøffe, vakre og stilige! Trodde den serien var så teit, så teit. Men hvem satt målbundet og så intense mengder (lenge etter alle andre)- fullstendig fascinert?

  12. purses are my thing...
    but i TOTALLY get shoes too..
    and those, major killer i must say!

    so glad someone was able to repair them!!!

  13. Love shoes stories!
    You should be nice to them, they are fab!

  14. Wow! you must totally love them, they photograph really well :) Love shoe fixer people, complete genius!

    New follower of your blog :)

  15. Hoorah for the shoe man! So glad to hear that such a beautiful pair of shoes was fixed...
    Love the colour!