Monday, January 10, 2011

On your hands and feet

Sydney Shop Girl is having a giveaway on her blog. Among some very covetable presents, she also features some cute little tubes of handcream.

As she got me thinking about handcream, I felt inspired to share a tip with you about some truly great products.  As a total hand- and footcream addict, I believe I've tested a fair number of versions from different brands. Both cheap and rather expensive stuff.  Between hundreds of beautiful looking products gracing the shelves in beauty stores, I've found my absolute favourite so far. It' from French skin care brand L'Occitane En Provence. The brand has stores all over the world, so it shouldn't be too hard getting hold of some if you want to try it.

Now what, you may ask, is it that makes these products so special?

Natural ingredients
Lovely, light fragrance
Non-oily, both creams absorbed immediately
Keeps moisture locked in and the skin soft and supple

And also the tube is a little different. Old fashioned metallic, instead of plastic. Me likes!

If you feel like trying your luck in SSG's giftshower, it's still not too late to enter the giveway - you can find it right here!

Good luck! Or rather, since I'm promoting French products (and going to Paris soon): Bonne Chance!


  1. Love this creams as well:)

    Have a great day.

  2. I just received one of these creams over the holidays, and it perfect to combat the dry skin I can't get rid of during the winter months!