Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

A few hours before we were treated to the latest trends in pyrotechnics, mother nature blessed Oslo with a lovely firework of her own.

As I had invited some friends over for New Year's Eve dinner and was busy wrestling pots and pans, unfortunately I had no time to go on a lenghty photo safari. But it was such a gorgeous sunset I just had to catch a snap of it anyway. A few seconds out on the terrace got me the image I wanted to share with you, as I wish you all a happy new year in 2011!

Nature's own firework - Oslo 31.12.10 3.30pm


  1. Ggorgeous! your sun sets at 3:30pm this time of year? I thought we were bad with 5:30pm. Wow!

  2. Lovely;)

    Happy new year!

    See you soon ...

  3. Happy New Year to you.... looking forward to your posts in 2011 or seeing you here downunder perhaps??!! XX

  4. This is the most beautiful firework, Sniff. Sounds like you had a good start to 2011. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!