Sunday, April 11, 2010

Awards galore

Sheesh, I thought the awards season  was over with the Oscars. Was I mistaken!

Over the course of the last week, I've received the honor of being nominated, not just for one but  for two awards from fellow bloggers. First of all, my sincere apologies for not replying to those awards immediately. As my trip to New York is coming up on Wednesday, I've been so swamped with things to do before I go that I simply haven't had the time. I guess you can tell by my number of blogposts declining dramatically this month. Not to speak of lack of comments on others fabulous blogs. But I'm with Ahnuld: I'll be back!

Now, let's suppose for a minute that blogging awards are red carpet affairs, albeit fairly informal ones. Then, to accept my prizes I would need a new dress suitable for the occasion. Nothing big, but a little more dressed up than the average everyday frock. How about this cute little thing from Erdems Resort 2010 collection? Would that do for awards? I reckon I'd feel quite comfy in this with a gorgeous clutch in my hand - and a glass of bubbly in the other.

(Photo by net-a-porter)

And I need new shoes, too! Strappy bronze metallic sandals? Hmm...oh well, before I get totally carried away I'd better get on with the actual awards:

The first one was the Beautiful Blogger award, given to me by fellow Norwegian The Soulprincess of Oslo. This is the very first award in my blogging history. Thank you so much!

The rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award - Check
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog -Check
3. Link the person who nominated me for this award - Check

4. Share 7 interesting things about myself  - I'm taking a raincheck on this until I get back as I'm a little bit short on time right now, ok? I'm pretty certain you don't want to hear about ironing clothes, packing and such. I'd like to think of some interesting things to share that you don't already now. Even if they're abolutely adorable, I guess there is only so much of my fascination with ferrets my readers can take, right? ;)

5. Nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers - Random picks from all the 70 odd blogs I read on a regular basis:

    1. Semi Expat in Oz
    2.Chic'n Cheap Living
    3. Beauty be Good
    4. Crystal Jigsaw
    5. My cup of te
    6. Lou, Boos and shoes
    7. 40 not out

    Ok, that's one down - one more to go.


    The second award was given to me by someone whose hometurf I'll be visiting this coming week: The Alternative Wife, in New York. Thank you so much for the You're going places award!


    These are the rules for this award:

    1. Link back to the blogger who sent you this award - Check

    2. Post where you would like to be in 10 years - Easy. With my health history, I hope I'm still around. (And if I am, Dear God, could I also please not have too many wrinkles and have the legs of Jennifer Aniston? I will save my pennies for Botox and go regularly to yoga practice, I promise!)

    (Photo from The Daily Mail)

    3. Pass it on to 10 other special bloggers! - Ok, the next ten to get this challenge from me are:

    1. Bruun by Bruun
    2. Pillowy
    3. Anholm
    4. Blonde Chicette
    5. Bored London Gurl
    6. Cassiopeia
    7. Ma Princesse de Pêche
    8. Mixed Match Media
    9. My New Favourite Thing
    10. Fab Blab

    Have fun girls!  :)


      1. Wow... thank you for thinking of me before you head off on your trip my lovely friend! I will most certainly be posting this one up in due course. I wish you THE MOST FANTASTIC time on your NYC trip and cannot wait to hear all about it! xx

      2. aaah thank you!

        i love awards.. they make me feel special!

        btw- looove that dress in the first shot.. so pretty and perfect..

        hope everything goes smoothly for your last few days before heading to new york!

      3. Thank you dear, that is so sweet of you! Oh and I'd love Jennifer Aniston's legs too!

      4. Cute pictures! I Love your blog. Great post.

      5. Oh, I love that dress, and I very sincerely hope you'll be wearing something like it as you strut your stuff (enjoying good health and sporting perfect JA legs) in 2020. :)

      6. Congrats on the awards!! So sorry we have not been around..what a hectic week..ahhh!!

        Love that dress!!! Lets meet up for some yoga! Or doga!!! BOL!!

        Licks and Tail Wags.. Olive :)

      7. Congrats on the awards! I love that you featured that dress too - so pretty!

      8. Love the dress! Its very modern day Audrey Hepburn.
        Congratulations on the awards! :)

      9. That dress has such pretty detail
        and also congrats on your award :)

      10. Thank you, thank you, thank you darling. It's a great pleasure to be given an award by you :) Stay fabulous lovely!
        xx. Peach Princess ♥

      11. Hi! Thanks so much for the shout out!! :) :) I've been a little absent from the blogosphere as well! All our friends are getting married/engaged and we find ourselves busy with celebrations! A wonderful busy to be!! Have the best time in NYC, and I can't wait to hear all about it when you return! Thanks again so much for thinking of me! xoxo

      12. Thank you so much, I feel very honoured. Hope you have a love trip. Blogging has taken a slide for me right now so the 7 things might have to wait a while too!! But I'm looking forward to reading yous now, sounds very intriguing.

        CJ xx

      13. First of all: Congratulations! I think you chose the perfect dress for the occasion(s). Hope you have a great time in NY!

      14. thanks for the award! I'll need to think about that 10 years' question for a considerable amount of time... :)

      15. Congrats on the awards, and have a great time here in NY!

      16. I love the Erdems collection...I posted a blog a couple of weeks ago, fabulous florals!

      17. Hi dear! This is my firs time on your lovely blog, congrats for the award! (Ps: have a great time in NY, it's one my favourites cityes in the wordl!!!)
        Kisses from Italy :)

      18. Thank you so very much for this award - you are extremely kind and I am honoured to be in the line up ...... Hope your preparations are going well for your trip to NY - exciting! x

      19. Thanks so much for my award my sweet! It's brightened my day :) xxx