Friday, April 23, 2010

Choo shopping - Day 2

Day two started off with me frantically checking our lost luggage reference number, only to find no one still knew where in the world it happened to be. As we were going out with our hosts later that evening, I had to forego my planned SATC sightseeing tour and go shopping for something a bit dressy to wear instead.

In my missing bag was an outfit consisting of a pair of nice pants, a dressy blazer and a pair of black patent heels:

I figured my best bet would be to look for something similar, and being the shoe buff that I am, I headed for the shoe store before anything else. Getting the shoes first is a bit backwards, isn't it? (That's yours truly in a nutshell!) Well, I found out the expensive way and had to rectify that, as you shall see. But first - I walked leisurely from Colombus Circle along Central Park over to 5th Ave, enjoying the New York atmosphere. My destination? Yep, that's right!

Once inside, I spied pair after pair of fantastic heels. I had such a hard time leaving it at drooling over them while instructing myself to look for something that would be useful at other times than just when I'm sitting on my butt in a restaurant. After all, I have more stillettos than I have use for in my closet already. Since my good walking shoes were still in my suitcase, I opted for flats that could double as going out shoes that evening:

Now, these really are sensible shoes, as opposed to a lot of the other stuff I tend to get. The insoles are padded all the way, making it feel like walking on cushions, while the rubber sole makes them very soft and flexible:

I put them on, decided they would do me very nicely, and happily left the store wearing them while my old shoes were stashed away in the box. Btw, shopping there was a fantastic experience. No snobbish shop attendants. They sat down with you in the comfy chairs while you were trying on shoes and chatted away about everything. They made me feel like I was the most important customer ever, and I just didn't want to leave. Way to sell! And as for the shoes - I wore them for hours the first day and from morning to night the next time I used them - and no blisters or hurting feet at all!

With the shoes seemingly under control, a jacket was next on my list. What a nightmare! Try finding a nice blazer in the endless shopping mecca that is New York when you haven't got any idea at all what style or color you're looking for. The only thing I could think of was that I want to be able to wear it during summer. After visiting store after store along 5th Ave, I eventually ended up at the Diesel flagship store. My time was running out and I desperately pleaded for help with one of the staff. And wouldn't you know it? She brought me a jacket from the Diesel Black Gold collection that catered completely to my love of khaki colors and natural fabrics. I didn't think twice!

Some nice detaling on the back:

These photos were taken back home, so it's a bit crumpled from coming straight out of the suitcase, but it's called Baader jacket and can be seen on Diesel's online store here.

But when I got it, I decided I didn't want to use it with the flats after all. So I ventured into Saks - and red soles heaven:

But seriously, at the back of my mind, I knew I had seen the ones I really wanted for summer already, in another store. Yep, that would be here:

When I came in the second time, the shop assistant at the till laughed and called out to her colleague: Hey, you customer is back again! And I got to sit down once again for a friendly chat, while trying on my pair of choice:

Perfect with the jacket! And I'm sending the bill for these to the airline! That's the least they can do for causing me all this stress and my missing the much wanted SATC tour, don't you think?

Later that afternoon, the three of us went for a manipedi at my cousin's local salon to really look the part when going out:

They had those huge chairs in which you can get a back massage while having your feet done. Such a nice way of getting a bit of relaxation after a gruelling shopping marathon.

My sis made a fantastic steal that day, too. She got the gorgeous printed silk tunic she was wearing here from Michael Kors at only TEN DOLLARS!

That evening, we went to the Al Hirschfeld Theatre to see a very modern version of Hair. When the show finished, they invited the audience up on the stage to dance with the cast. While I preferred to just watch the spectacle, more than a hundred people took the opportunity to dance on a Broadway stage. Pity they didn't allow us to take any photos of it. Leaving the theatre I got myself a little souvernir:

Peace and love, folks! :)


  1. i hope they find your bag soon! i don't know how they manage to lose people's things like this.... they better compensate you!

    looks like you had a great time away though :)

  2. Oh, but the bag eventually showed up, at day number three. Just in time for us to relax and get to see some of the sights before we were returning home. And yes, we did have a wonderful time. I love New York!

  3. Love, love your Choos and how perfect are those wedges for summer! I thought about getting those star flats too but ended up sticking with my Jimmy Choo for H&M version (rectangular studs).

  4. Oh absolute heaven! LOVE your shoe purchases and the jacket too... so glad you had a wonderful time and how luxurious - a manipedi too! Perfection. x

  5. I LOVE those shoes!!

    Good buys!

    SSG xxx

  6. Grrrrr I'm so jealous,
    New York is my favorite city & Jimmy Choo my favorite shoes designer.
    Great purchases.

  7. What fabulous shoes! I got my wedding shoes at that exact location. It's a little piece of heaven, right? And lost luggage is the perfect excuse for a little shopping spree, isn't it?

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear! xoxo

  8. Sorry thr airlines misplaced your luggage but I'm glad to see you enjoyed your visit to my hometown ...NYC! :-)

  9. Hey, I wanna go shopping with you! You find things that I would probably never pick out, but that I really love - especially the shoes!

  10. Those Jimmy Choo pumps are great I have got a similar pair (not nearly as glamourous), they are great for travelling or putting in your handbag after a late night on the town in the heels - had one of those last night and wish I carried some pumps with me!!

  11. Really nice buys, young lady :-)
    -and nice blogging, love the reading!


  12. Your shopping adventures are so fabulous!!!! I can't swing much more than J.crew on sale!!