Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diesel Dippy Oouns maxi dress

Reading a blogpost about maxi dresses from blog BonBon Rose Girls, I recalled seeing the most gorgeous maxi dress in the local Diesel store a couple of days ago. Just thought I would show you:

The back:

It looks even better in person than in the photos, which don't do the vivid colors enough justice. The fabric is a mixture of cotton and silk. It's called "Dippy Oouns", and comes in pink and black versions, too. I think I stood there drooling over it for ten minutes straight. If I'm getting only one maxi dress this summer, this one is on top of my wish list for sure.

(Photos by Diesel)


  1. cute maxi!

    thanks so much for visiting! loveeee

  2. That is gorgeous. Such a beautiful print! Thanks for the link love. : )

  3. Lovely, lovely print! Go for it (it''ll probably go on sale right?)

    p.s. I didn't know you were on Purseblog - got 2 Hermes scarves through marketplaza for great prices!

  4. Oh, indeed this is lovely. I immediately picture myself sipping something nice and cold, enjoying a beautiful evening in a warm country like Italy.

  5. Ah that's absolutely fabulous! I'm so dreaming of summer now. It's been cold & wet here the past few days. Thanks for brightening up my day :)

  6. it IS so pretty!

    wish i could do the maxi dresses... but i'm reaching when i say i'm 5 foot- 3 inches... and those sweet dresses just flat out LOOK better on you taller ladies!!!