Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Safely home

Quick update:

Two lucky sisters got on the plane from New York last night, local time. We were originally scheduled to fly New York to Copenhagen-Oslo (me) and Copenhagen-Kristiansand  (my sister lives in the South of Norway). Copenhagen is still closed though, but the flight was diverted to Oslo. I was not unhappy! Haha...

I've just arrived home and  my sister is on the express bus from Oslo to Arendal (her hometown) as all domestic flights to the South and the West in Norway are cancelled at the moment. The latests news is that Oslo might be closed again at 2 pm as there are more ash clounds lingering above the North Sea and the western coast of Norway that might blow our way.

What a mess! I've never seen Oslo Airport so empty...it was really eerie. The service at the duty free store in the arrivals hall was fantastic, though. Only the two of us as customers, and a dozen staff desperately waiting for someone to help. :D

I'll post more about the trip with pictures later on, but right now I just have to unwind and destress as I'm still have my shoulders above my ears from all the chaos we encountered during this trip. Off-to-bed-itis! :)


  1. As you say, what a mess! Especially after the baggage dramas on your outbound flight. I'm glad you're home safely, and hope the rest of Europe manages to untangle itself soon.

  2. Welcome back - glad it all worked out. And looking forward to hearing your NY stories x

  3. Relax I did alright. I slept for 8 hours straight and missed the whole day! :)