Monday, March 8, 2010

The bag challenge

First of all, to all of you gorgeous, imaginative, brave, creative, funny and stylish women out there:

Congratulations on the International Women's Day!

An old adage which I have always liked for it's positive note, is: "The world won't come to an end today, it's already tomorrow somewhere else". And in this particular case, that somewhere else is Melbourne, Australia, where inspiring blogger She wore it well, this morning, while I was still sound asleep over here, has thrown down her gauntlet purse and challenged me to show my bag and it's contents. Thank you, and of course, challenge accepted!

I am a bag lady. While I can't brag about owning the fabulous Balenciaga I wrote about yesterday, there's still no shortage of bags in my wardrobe. So I grab whichever one I most feel like wearing on any particular day. I keep them all handy in my hallway - this is the selection of winter bags:

Today's choice of bag is a greyish blue leather bag from Accessorize. It's a typical bag for me in that way that it's roomy and has a shoulder strap. I like to keep my hands free as much as possible, so I'm not big on handheld bags other than for going out at night or when needing more elegant bags for parties. Also, I need bags of size to carry all the stuff I drag around.

It's usual contents, in addition to my camera which often comes with me, are:

* Various assortment of chewing gums and cough pastilles
* Refreshing mouth spray
* Kleenex wipes
* Burgundy leather wallet from Claudio Ferrici - this is old, I bought it in 2002
* Hand sanitizer
* Foldable hairbrush with mirror
* Nokia cellphone (yeah, it's ancient, I know, but there's so many fancy new models I haven't been able to decide on a new one yet)
* Handcream
* Black nappa leather gloves
* Lipgloss from Bare Minerals in the shade Cupcake, and lipbalm from the pharmacy
* Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
* Nail file
* Cleaning stuff for the sunglasses
* Wet wipes
* Organizer which I can't live without, and pens

Since She wore it well challenged three bloggers, I'd like to pass on this challenge to three others as well:

PILLOWY in Norway

Heather over in Finland, who's behind Notes from Lapland

Struggler in the US

Fess up, girls. What is your bag of choice, and what's inside it?


  1. Oh, that bag is gorgeous; and I love how organized the contents are. I'll be using my replica Balenciaga Giant City. It's contents are BlackBerry, iPod, lip gloss, business cards, keys, wallet, notebook, and a jumble of other cosmetics!! :)

  2. Love this post.
    Your bag is soooo organized. Mine includes all these under 1000 little papers!
    And this handing in hallway could be helpful especially in the morning when I'm in harry.
    Stop by

  3. Hallo Schniff,
    Thanks for finding me. I love your lifestyle blog, I must follow you too.

  4. Oh yeah!

  5. Ray Bans!! I like your blue bag. xx

  6. I would love to have more bags like those. They are so useful!
    Oh, cameras are a MUST!

  7. I love seeing other people's bag posts! I agree a shoulder strap is key and I like big bags because I almost always carry around an umbrella and a pair of ballet flats just in case..

  8. hehehe...moro å se hva andre har i veskene sine. Innholdet i min veske endret seg totalt etter at jeg ble mamma i juli. Nå er det våtservietter og smokker i stede for lipgloss..jaja, en fin endring!

  9. Sorry, I'm behind the times, I was away and without a computer for a few days. I'll try to do a blog post on this, but in case I don't get to it, my bag at the moment was purchased from Cirque du Soleil and as well as the money/keys/phone/umbrella necessities, contains water, a tape measure, local map, to-do list, a USB flash drive and far too many things for holding my hair back with!
    Thank you, Sniff, fun post!