Thursday, March 11, 2010

The hunt for great jeans

A couple of days ago, a friend who couldn't make it herself sent me her VIP-coupon for a sale today at KappAhl. 30% off sounded great as I'm in desperate need of both jeans and other trousers for spring. So this morning I got up early and set out to do some serious shopping.

I didn't like any of the jeans they had in the store. I think I tried about 7 different pairs, and they were all just meh.....Intent on not leaving totally empty handed, my misson was changed to finding spring trousers instead. Eventually I found pair which on the hanger seemed to be just what I wanted. These ones, but in dark khaki:

(Photo by KappAhl)

Notice the pleats on the pockets? When you've got hips, that kind of design only serves to make them seem HUGE! Thanks, but no thanks, my hips are more than wide enough as it is. Why oh why do they have to ruin an otherwise great pair of trousers by adding details that make you seem to be carrying around a whole lot of extra bulk? Disappointed, I put them back and gave up the hunt. I guess I was just fed up running in and out of the fitting room. Instead I found some other small stuff which I needed. Upon paying, I was given a surprise goodie bag. How nice is that! Inside there were three things:

A bunch of hairbands in pretty spring colors, a clothes brush and a headband. When I went bald I gave away all my hair things to a friend with long hair, and I've only just begun to rebuild a collection of new ones. So these sure come in handy. The clothes brush, too. But the headband with the cute little bow? Hm...

 Mutton dressed as lamb?

I know these are very trendy at the moment, but I really don't think this look is quite my style. Had a fun time in front of the mirror though, trying it out with different facial expressions...if I had been Carrie Bradshaw with a tutu to go, then maybe...

But I did get one thing on sale at 30% off (albeit in another store). The other day I saw a picture of Caroline at Caroline's mode and loved the casual look of a grey hoodie inside a leather jacket. So while having a quick look around the other stores, I made sure to jump on the offer when I found a similar hoodie.

Neither too big or too bulky. Perfect inside my fave leather jacket! Guess it's safe to say  I won't be wearing a headband with that. :)


  1. I have to say, I think you look adorable with that headband on :)

    And definitely come to NY!!! April weather can be beautiful with temperatures in the 50s and 60s but there is a slightly higher chance of rain that month.

    Come either way! It's such a great place and there's tons to do :)

  2. Haha...thanks, you made my day! :D

    Yes, only one month left, and I'll be in the Apple. I'm soooooo looking forward to that!

  3. Oh cute pic of you, love that jacket!

  4. Jeg har kjøp akuratt den samme hårbøylen bare i gammel rosa. Den er kjempe fin!
    Jeg har desverre en lei vane for å kjøpe masse fine hårbøyler,MEN bruker de aldri :( synd.
    Må bli litt tøffere på den fronten skjønner jeg.

  5. I really like that jacket! And the headband is so super cute.
    You should do a post showing us how you style the jacket! =)

  6. im in search for a perfect pair of jeans myself!
    i looove that jacket! i want it! hehe

  7. I hate to speak out of turn, but I was never too convinced by the headbands on Carrie, either :)
    Love your hoodie find, I really need something like that. And trousers/jeans are the bane of my life; its such a shock to find some that fit, I wear them to death. I know what you mean about pleats, why oh why do they do that??

  8. I was thinking how nice the trousers are and then you pointed out the pleats and made me see sense! My hips wouldn't take them either.

    CJ xx

  9. Thanks for all the comments and compliments! :)

    The jacket is by Norwegian leather producer Alexander. It's made of buttery soft lamb leather. I bought it last spring, but they have a lot of similar styles in their collection this year:

    I will be making a post later on when wearing it. I tried today but it was simply too cold. Yesterday's glorious spring weather turned into a hailstorm and about zero degrees today. Brrr...a thick sweater and parka day.