Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day

Congrats to all Irish on St Patrick's Day!

I thought I would join in the celebration. Not by drinking green beer or anything, but I put on some green eyeshadow and wore a green cardigan with my boyfriend jeans to university today. ;)

I dropped the belt and did the whole sagging look. These jeans are so comfy, but I'm worried I might I have gotten them one size too large? I'm usually a 27", but this model was big so I got a 26". Any bigger than that and I could have pulled them down over my hips without undoing the buttons. Good thing I brought my bike to the bike shop today to have it checked and fixed for spring. Better start doing more exercise to build up some mucle!

Wearing: Cardigan and paint splatter tank top by H&M, Levi's 501, black suede ankle boots from H&M, silver metal bangle by Bik Bok and green eyeshadow from Maybelline. These Stylish Smokes as they're called are not yet sold in Norway, but my friend Michelle in Michigan got them for me there. I used the upper two of the green ones, doing the full smokey eye thing is a bit too much for just going to the bike shop and a lecture. :)


  1. It is true! happy st patrick's day

  2. You look great - particularly love that shade of green of your cardigan too. x

  3. Oh way to go, supporting St Patrick's day.

    re funny about the boiling of the egg!!

  4. Totally diggin' the boyfriend jeans!

  5. Hi sniff:)
    You look wonderful girl, and jeans aught to be least in my world:)
    Like your name by the way...
    Have a nice day...

    I am fighting with therefor a new adress...and new blogg:)

    Have a nice day - SP

  6. Kjempe fine busker på deg!!!,
    og elsker ankel støvlene dine!
    hvor har du fått tak i dem?

  7. I actually love the looser fit of the jeans and how you have them folded!

  8. @ all: Thanks for your comments and compliments! :)

    @ Lill Beate: Bootsa er fra høstens kolleksjon fra H&M. Jeg kjøpte dem online, og de er ekte skinn, noe som ikke er så vanlig i H&M sko. :)

  9. Love that shirt!!! You look so fresh. Love the outfit.

  10. That cardigan is adorable! Love the whole outfit. :)