Monday, March 15, 2010

NO. Just NO.

(Photo by Free People)

The other day I was expressing my admiration for the super cute Miu Miu floral clogs.

Well, it seems Free People has a completely different take on the concept of floral clogs. These are selling at USD248. Depending on the amount of fashion victims out there, stealing granny's old cushion cases and wrapping them around some chuncky pieces of wood might turn out to be a lucrative business. Whodathunk?

Verdict: Fugly. And that's being nice.


  1. HA! There are aspects of them that I really like, but the whole thing together? You are right, fugly!

  2. ewww
    the clog like shape
    the tacky floral fabric

    it's like they tried to incorporate all the spring 2010 trends into one shoe

  3. so wrong. so so wrong. the sad thing is someone out there thought these were a brilliant idea!

  4. Gah! what on earth?! Have they completely lost their mind?