Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quality never goes out of style

Remember that slogan? Yep, that would be good old Levi's.

I remember my very first pair of Levi's pants. They were 501's, bought sometime in the late 80's in one of my hometown's kids' stores. My father had up until then thought they were far too expensive and since I had no money of my own, I just had to make do with whatever cheaper brand he would ok to. But finding them on sale at half price, he finally agreed to fork out for the jeans of my dreams.

In the 80's, at least where I lived, the 501 model was the jeans to own. I'll never forget the excitement of coming home from the town, putting them on and looking forward to showing them off at school the next day. From then on and many years forward, I would never even look at another type of jeans. I bought the same model over and over again. But that was the 80's. Ever since, I've just bought whatever jeans were in fashion at the time.

The last few years, my wardrobe has mainly held bootcut or skinny jeans. Until yesterday, that was. Having tried several dozens of pairs in my quest to find the perfect boyfriend jeans, I found myself in a Levi's store in the local mall. And voilá, I ended up once again as owner of a pair of women's Levi's 501's. Finally a pair which were neither too baggy nor saggy. I also almost ended up taking a pair of Replay jeans with me home. The store assistant in another jeans store handed me this pair to try, and boy did they fit beautifully! But having already settled for the Levi's and since it's less than a month until I'm going to New York, I cringed at spending another NOK 1599 (USD270) for just one pair of jeans. But they're still in the back of my mind, so I haven't written them off completely. They did look fantastic on. Hm.....

(Photo by Replay)

Today I wore my new boyfriend jeans while running an errand downtown. I ventured into Zara to have a look at all their fantastic shoes, and sneaked a picture while trying on a pair of their sandal clogs. The shoes were amazing and very easy to walk in, even with that height. But what I really need is a pair of comfy walking shoes. Incredibly boring, but necessary for running around shopping in New York. But if I were going there only to sit in a café and look as stylish as possible, I'd much rather have bought these cuties:

(Yeah, yeah, I know, should have taken my old socks off for the picture to better show the shoes. Oh well, next time...)

Wearing: Zara beige sweater (my own, old), grey/beige leopard spotted pashmina from Ebay, Levi's 501, vintage belt, old black socks, and Zara sandal clogs (which sadly did not come home with me).


  1. oh... LEVI'S....how many time is passed?
    I was a young girl... oh!
    good.. very good!!

  2. great looking jeans you found!

    i love jeans with a passion.. seriously- but it SO COMPLETELY stresses me out to shop for jeans.. i see jeans as something akin to perfection so i refuse to settle till they are perfect... lofty ideas? yea- i know!!!!!!!

  3. Ha ha... sneaky changing room photos! I've started doing that.. its par for the course when you blog about fashion. Love those jeans and clog shoes! How exciting that your New York trip is getting so close - go to Bloomingdales - they're denim dept. is amazing and the sales team so helpful. I can home with 2 pairs of 7 For All Mankind jeans from there at great prices. Sooo looking fwd to hearing of your adventures! xx p.s. Loved my 501's to death and would consider them again. You may have set me off on another jeans mission!