Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday lunch with friends and their kids

In the café's playroom: What is that scary thing?

Could it be....? Nah...But it sure does look a lot like a certain infamous glamour model, doesn't it?

Seriously, would you look at these boots...


Big sis doesn't care for ugly dolls - she prefers her drink and the cuddly stuff

On my way to the café

Wearing: Brown Alexander leather jacket, grey hoodie by Carlings, Oasis turquoise leopard scarf, Ray-Ban sunnies, grey and black striped sweater by H&M, black leather bag from Topshop, Cubus skinny jeans and Roots taupe boots.


  1. oooh very lovely child!! who is?

  2. They're both the kids of one of my girlfriends. And yes, they are really sweet, aren't they?

  3. They're so adorable! And I love your outfit. Great jacket,hoodie & scarf.

  4. Thanks! Looking forward to all the snow melting, so I can ditch the winter boots for some fierce heels. :)