Saturday, March 27, 2010

Redecorating my bathroom = 5 Balenciagas

Reading home stylist Emily A. Clark's inspiring interior blog and her post about Pondering my Powder Room, I decided to write a bathroom post of my own as I'm shortly going to redecorate this particular room in my flat. After spending parts of the last few weeks browsing through dozens of brochures, I've come to the conclusion my taste in bathroom interior is on par with my taste in handbags. That means non-budget friendly.

However, as my bathroom looks pretty much the same now as it did when I bought the flat seven years ago, it's time to give it a real facelift. This is how I've been living since the original mirror I had got damaged:

Loose Ikea mirror standing on the bathroom sink, electrical cord hanging out of the wall as I have been completely unable to decide on both a new mirror and a lamp for the mirror, huge old-fashioned sink with practically no space to put one's stuff when applying make-up, an unsightly grey concrete wall (the builder was obviously a cheapie as he didn't care to have the part of the wall that was concrete tiled), tiny granny style cupboard with little storage space and boring grey tiles on the floor. I'm sick of it!

This is what I want to wake up to:

 (Photo by

A Kuma Divine7 sink, with white high gloss drawers that have built in grips. Extremely practical, easy to clean and the drawers close softly by themselves when given a little push. Only I don't want the sink to be black, but in a material called Terrazzo. It can be had in many colors, but my choice is white marble with grey and a few pink stones mixed in. According to the producer, this material is 2 1/2 times stronger than concrete. (Not that I have any intentions of testing whether the claim holds true!)

(Photo by Kuma)

As for solving the problem with the mirror and matching lamp, I want one like this, only bigger, with lamps and a plug for the hairdryer and toothbrush built in:

(Photo by Foss bad)

For the floor, I'm getting new tiles, in grey slate, like this:

(Photo by

And finally, my old-fashioned toilet standing on the floor is getting replaced by one hanging on the wall, with a soft close seat that closes itself in the same way as the drawers and with a quick release function which makes the seat easy to take off for cleaning:

(Photo by Villeroy & Boch)

The grey concrete wall is getting covered by the same high gloss white tiles as the rest of the walls. I want to keep the walls white, as a darker color is gonna make the already small room seem even smaller.

I'm so looking forward to getting this done. The plumber will let me know right after Easter when he can start. It's not the cheapest solution I could have chosen. However, I'm pretty sure I'll quickly forget about the selection of Balenciagas I could have had when I'm smiling happily to myself in the (new!) mirror every morning.


  1. Thanks for the mention! Your bathroom sounds like it's getting alot more attention than mine :) It's looks like it's going to be beautiful; so sleek. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures.

  2. Gosh this is going to look amazing... be sure to keep us posted!

  3. I think i want to visit your bathroom when its done:)

    Bathrooms, and showers i can LIVE in:)

    On the serious side...i think redecorating your bathroom is a very good idea:)

    Happy reading - SP

  4. I never thought a toilet could be so cool! Love your color palette too, can't wait to see how it turns out IRL!

  5. I love those tiles. I adore slate gray, so I think those tiles are perfect =)

  6. This is exciting - and should be a great investment, too. I love your choice of Terrazzo - the mottled pattern will be much less inclined to show every tiny splash or fleck of dust.