Thursday, March 18, 2010

Live fur & fake fur

Modelling is hard work and not for everyone...

...but someone just loves posing

Inspired by Pure love for fashion's blogpost about the Chanel collection the other day, I was thinking about how pleased I was with The Karl for exclusively using fake fur in Chanel's Fall 2010 collection. While I can hardly wait to see who will be the first celeb to don the abominable snowman look...

(Photo by

...I won't be surprised to see the high street chains being full of shaggy jackets come next fall. The shaggy look has been a favorite of Kate Moss for years, and while I'm not certain her's aren't real fur, I love this kind of look and will be sure to get a faux one if I find one I like.

(Kate photos from The Daily Mail)

Anyway, here's a collection of real fur the way I like LOVE it!

Sniff (2000-2009) relaxing in the shadow on the terrace on a hot summer day

Storm (2000-2006) was always looking for the perfect jeans...

...while Sniff just couldn't get enough of shoes...
...or handbags...
...or designer clothes...

...or chocolate! Hmm..sounds somewhat familiar, doesn't it?

Since these two passed away, I've been doing some babysitting for someone else's ferrets and they're coming back to visit once again later this spring:

Ferret spilleth ovah...

I'm wayyyyyy too cute and innocent to have have trashed that shoe sole...

How clever am I? Getting this open was nada for a smartie like myself!

Die you bastard!


  1. Such adorable photos! I agree they wear fur best :)

    And I've always loved Kate's shaggy coats. Whenever I try them on I end up looking like some woolly mammoth or something though...

  2. Hahaha..I guess you're in luck come fall then, as according to Karl woolly mammoth is THE way to look this year. :D

  3. omg they are so cute!!!!

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    I have given you a challenge...
    Come see me:)

  5. These are beautiful photos; each time I thought I'd found my favorite, the next one just got cuter. I'm sure you miss them loads but I'm glad you're getting to do some babysitting.

  6. Oh they are so cute - you must miss Sniff and Storm..... I never knew you could have ferrets as pets and keep them inside the house... does it take long to train them, do they bite ever for example and are they affectionate? Sorry for all the questions! Could you maybe do a post on keeping ferrets for us? Fascinating. x

  7. Your little guys are so cute. An ex-boyfriend had a few ferrets and they were so sweet.
    I never thought I'd like faux fur but it's cute and I wouldn't wear the real thing.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments!

  8. hahaha!!!

    i love FAKE fur!!

    but i REALLY LOVE those shots of sniff.. such a super supermodel!!!!

  9. Sniff is quite a fabulous model and fierce fighter!

  10. @ those of you who have asked questions, I've replied directly on your blogs.

    I will do another story about how I came to own two ferrets later on. And yes, I miss them terribly. They were my kids. However, Storm got sick with so much incurable pain he had to be euthanaized. Sniff survived cancer along with me and died peacefully withouth pain of ripe old age at 9 years and 3 months, which is very old for Norwegian bred ferrets. The average is 6-8 years. I'm really grateful that I got to keep her for as long as I did.

  11. How awesome! Sniff is fabulous and oh so entertaining! Real or faux, fur always seems to make an outfit seem glamorous...