Monday, March 29, 2010

Tablecloth that turns spilling wine into poetry

Hey! Look at this fantastic innovative tablecloth from Norwegian furniture designer Kristine Bjaadal:

(Photos by Kristine Bjaadal)

What looks like an ordinary white damask tablecloth, turns into a poetic suprise if one should happen to spill something on in. Isn't that just so neat? No more embarrassment if an accident happens. I want one of those!

See more of her designs on her blog.


  1. Ohmigosh I LOVE this; and I desperately NEED it! Such a fabulous find, my love!! :)

  2. This is awesome - really gives me an excuse to be my clumsy self haha! But so pretty!

  3. Well there you need to worry now!

  4. Hi - like this - wonderfully quirky idea. And I loved your comment on my blog - the voice of reason - yes it will grow back - as you are testament to! LB x

  5. Happy Monday!

    This is absolutely brilliant!!! I need one...I tend to be a little clumsy...especially when I've had some wine :)

    When are you coming to NY again? It's supposed to be gorgeous this weekend.

    Oh and I just added you to my blogroll :) xoxo

  6. Happy start of the week to all of you!

    I love getting feedback on posts, so I cherish all your comments very much. Right now, I'm working on a post with the working title "I so need to sack my stylist". It'll be up later this week. I can't wait to see your respones to that one. :D

    @ TAW: Departure for NY will be April 14th. Hope you're not using up all the sun before that! Haha...
    Thanks for adding me to the blogroll, too.

  7. wow!

    how unique.. but very cool too!

  8. That's wonderful! Great idea and so pretty, too.

  9. such a cool tablecloth! i was looking for a tablecloth this weekend and would've loved to have found one like that

  10. Oh my goodness Sniff! I'm such a clutz, and I'm in desperate need in that table cloth! How absolutely brilliant!!!
    p.s. How are your workouts going? Thanks so much for sharing you playlist!!! :)

  11. Hi Roxy!

    The playlist thing you put on your blog was great fun! My workouts need some stepping up, but the personal trainer I've hired for a few sessions to really get me going is on Easter holiday. As soon as he's back, I'll be a much more frequent visitor to the gym. (At least that's the plan...)

  12. Wow, how interesting! What a creative idea!

  13. That is so neat! You'd almost want to spill something on it.

    Thanks for following along with my blog. Hope you'll leave a comment soon!

    P.s. Your ferret - up the top - Such a cutie!