Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just like a be happy drug...

Ah...the sound of snow slowly melting on my roof, each water drop hitting the rain gutter with a merry little drip. Drip...drip...drip... A sure telltale sign spring isn't far away. Going outside, melting snow and ice from the trees and the walls, and small birds twittering from the bushes in the garden, add to the concert. Drip...drip...chirp, chirp..drip...drip...chirp, chirp...How I love those sounds! I feel elated, like someone has just handed me a little pill, saying go on, take it, it's good for you. It's gonna make you happy! And it does. It really does! While every season has it's charm, I love spring the most. Born again is such a cliché, yet still it's exactly how I feel.

After spending most of the day inside waiting for plumbers that were coming to inspect the bathroom I want to refurbish, when the last one was done earlier this afternoon, I just had to get outside. I grabbed a loaf of old bread and my camera, and set out to feed the ducks by the river that runs a short walk from my home.

I donned my trenchcoat for the first time this year (albeit with two thick cardigans underneath), and asked another stroller to take my first spring outfit picture:

After walking along the river for a while, giving the ducks all of the bread, I headed home, passing by the tiny local fish and game shop. I had to stop and marvel about their exotic selection of meats:

(Salad for dinner sounds boring when I could have had beef of antelope or bear steak, doesn't it?)

Passing the school next to my building, I noticed the areas facing northwards still have some time left before one can sit on the benches:

But the back of my house is facing towards the south, and here the sun has been busy fighting the snow. My bike is soon ready to be dug out:

I can't wait for winter to be gone. It won't be long now.

Wearing: Hat from Esprit, Ray-Ban sunglasses, scarf by Pucci, Burberry trenchcoat, Levi's jeans and Hunter boots.


  1. Here's hoping that the snow melts fast! Oh and I love your trench :)


  2. Hooray for some warmth up there.. but that means that it's soon going be cold down here in Melbourne :(

    It already is in fact.. dropped below 20 this week...