Sunday, March 28, 2010

One year ago: Random spring Sunday in Oslo

The Opera House basking in the sun

Officially, it's spring.

Only the weather in Oslo has not yet been informed. It's grey, it's cold, it's partly wet and while making a 5 minute guest appearance yesterday, the sun was last seen for a whole day more than a forthnight ago. Frankly, it's hard to stay upbeat. Even the spring flowers on my terrace seem to have gone into some sort of weather depression. Blooming? No way!

After one of the most gruelling winters in living memory, I'm begging for some sunny weather to hurry up and arrive. It doesn't look like the weather gods have any intentions of answering my prayers soon, though. For all foreseeable future - that means until Easter ends - the forecast is predicting more of the same old, same old grey, overcast and fairly cold and wet weather type. To cheer myself up, I've been looking at some pictures from last year's spring.

One particular Sunday the weather was so glorious 3 of my friends and I spent the whole day touring the Opera House and walking along the quayside downtown. We even enjoyed our first outdoors beers for the year.

Lined up outside the restaurant overlooking parts of the harbor

Sarah and Brita and dozens of other sun worshippers

Having fun on top of the roof

Admiring K/S Norge (Norway) - the royal yacht 

Looking up at the medieval Akerhus fortress from the quayside

The view from underneath the castle over to Aker Brygge, a very popular area with both locals and tourists, full of shops, restaurants and bars. That's where we're heading!

Not as much as the tiniest little gust of wind - looking out the Oslo fjord,  the sea was like velvet

 Arriving at Aker Brygge, we were extremely lucky to find a vacant table in the sun - the placed was packed!

The first outdoor sip of beer for the year, with many, many more to come later on in spring and summer

Passing the National Gallery on my way home, where among other beautiful art one can admire one of Norway's most famous and internationally wellknown paintings - The Scream by Edvard Munch.

The flag on the roof of the Royal Palace told the tale of the King being home. Maybe he was waiting for his ship to be  ready to take him out for a cruise on the fjord?

In the summer, one can go on guided tours inside some of the official rooms in here. The King and Queen live on the third floor. On the first floor, to the right in this image, are the guest suites. When President Bill Clinton, as the first sitting American president, visited Oslo in November 1999, he was offered to stay here. He wanted to, the guide told us, but above the most powerful president in the world is an even more powerful minder. Secret Service's response to his wish: NO!

Oh, Sun and warmer weather.....where art thou?


  1. How lovely to see a photo of the Opera House basking in the sun - we only saw the snow covered version! I do love that first outdoor beverage of the year. Not happening here yet! I loved reading about your trip to the Manolo salon in Chelsea this morning! xx

  2. Yeah, your post on Manolos brought back a lot of really nice memories. :)

  3. Jeg har ikke engang vært på Operaen:)
    Dårlig jeg vet:)


  4. About visiting the Opera - I heartily recommend taking a walk around in on a sunny spring day. It's a great place even to bring a picnic basket, either going for the roof or the lower part that tilts towards the water. Enjoy! :)

  5. Ohh, I miss Oslo! Great pictures and I need to hop on a flight :)