Sunday, January 24, 2010

Speed shopping in Sweden

Wild! When I went to Sweden with the Oslo Breast Cancer Association yesteday, we first drove to Sandefjord to take the ferry to Strømstad in Sweden. On the ferry, the clothes store had a big sale. Clothes and some jewellery were reduced by 30-70% and naturally, as the ferry was packed with Norwegians going on a weekend excursion to Sweden, the store was full of eager shoppers, too! The beauty store and the usual duty free store were even worse. In the beauty store, I gave up trying to find a new perfume, as the queues were simply too long.

At the Nordby shopping centre outside of Strømstad we had less than two hours to look through some of the 110 stores. I litterally ran through most of the stores, having a quick look, but ended up getting only a few, small things which I will be covering in other posts. No fashionable outfits to show off for the first trip abroad this year, then.

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