Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Western style boots

So this spring, western style boots will be all over the place. Already showing up in the stores, in the clothing catalogues I'm subscribing to, in magazines....Lol...I guess I can consider myself very fashion-forward with this particular trend, as I got my version of this type of boots last year. I found this pair in Mango and had to have them no matter what! The color is called dirty camel and they're genuine suede. Unlined, so they're very soft. I used them a lot last fall before the snow came. I guess it shows by the worn down heel. Better bring them along to the shoemaker to have that fixed when I'm picking up the Acne boots.

My friend Michelle sent me a link to a pair she found in Nordstrom. A shorter version that is bang on trend. By the reviews, buyers are very happy with the BP Hawthorne boot. Pretty cool - check it out here.

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