Friday, January 22, 2010

Rock vs classic

Spot the difference! ;) Two pairs of Jimmy Choo's. The left pair is a model called Octave. It's from the 2008 collection and was completely sold out from Jimmy Choo's online store. I got lucky and got a pair in my size on sale for half price as it was a return from another customer who for some reason didn't want to keep it. The pair on the right is one of the models from the collection Jimmy Choo did in collaboration with H & M. The collection sold out immediately, and I was very happy to have gotten my hands on three of the different models. While both pairs are black patent leather with high heels, the Octave model is more ladylike and classic. The other pair is a more "rocked-up" design. However, the H & M verison don't fit my feet as well. I've got somewhat wide feet, and my little toes are peeping out from between the front straps. I've only used them a couple of times. So I'm selling them on local auction site qxl. Too bad, really, as I intended them for use with clothes that are typically "going out clubbing with friends" while the other pair is for use on special occasions when serious dressing up is required.

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