Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year's resolutions Part 2

Fortysomething, fat & finished? I'll be damned if I let those love handles grow! I'm starting the year detoxing while I wait for some surgery scars to heal (no, not a face lift or tummy tuck) before I can get back into training, which normally means swimming. Last year it also included dancing. This year I'll add yoga or pilates to the list, after my GP told me women in their forties upwards usually put on a lot of weight around the middle. Well I want to keep buying them low waisted jeans without having to worry about a huge muffin top, so I'll be sure to work up some sweat several times every week.

But back to detoxing: I read about this particular brand in a beauty magazine. It's liquid, instead of pills. I'm a loser at taking the right amount of pills at the right time, so a liquid herb mixture sounded like a great idea. It's to be mixed with clean water and I have to drink 1.5 litres every day for three weeks. The ice cold water looks pretty tempting, but the herb stuff makes it look like something I scooped up from a swamp. YUK! At least it doesn't taste vintage Everglades.They've added a peach flavor, so the water tastes something like very weak ice tea with peach. I'm five days into it and  already pretty certain I'll be off peach taste for a fairly long time after those three weeks...

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