Sunday, January 31, 2010

Better brush up on my swimming skills... case I fall over board when going on the Copenhagen cruise!

Lol...seriously, it really has very little to do with swimming skills, but all the more with getting back in shape. It's only a few months left to the bikini season and my body is showing a little too well that November, December and January has been all about sitting still a lot reading for exams, bingeing on Christmas goodies  and bargain hunting in the sales, and very little about training. So when I woke up today, I decided I'm getting serious about getting some exercise.

Off to the swimming pool, then. I swim at Bislet Bad, a small pool situated about a ten minutes bus ride from where I live. They give me a student's discount. The pool is an old one, dating from around the 1920's I think, sort of a Roman style bath with marble walls, colums and a high ceiling. For several years it was closed, until someone refurbished it and made it into a modern pool with a jaccuzzi, a sauna and updated wardrobes. They keep the water nice and warm, and children are only allowed on Saturdays, so it's very relaxed and quiet, giving off a spa vibe.

I had planned to swim for an hour. After 45 minutes all my limbs were hurting like crazy, but I said to myself I'll be damned if I give in to any weakness and stop swimming 15 minutes short of my planned time. I want those last minutes too, to feel completely exhausted before I get up. I managed, but not without swallowing a huge amount of water, feeling just about ready to sink a few minutes before my hour was up.

So training has officially started for 2010. I don't know if I'll be able to get my cellulite ridden, flabby thighs back into the shape they were in the summer of 2007 when the below picture with a friend was taken on vacation in San Diego (the very short skirt is long gone to the Salvation Army's thrift shop) - but at least I'm going for getting rid of the super lazy couch potato look I'm hiding under my winter gear right now.