Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the bottom of my jewellery box

I had a look through one of my jewellery boxes earlier this morning, and found a couple of long forgotten treasures that haven't been used in years. (Never mind my hand looking like a vultures claw or something - it's pretty difficult to relax the muscles when trying to focus and keep the camera - an the moving pearl - still with only one hand.)

I took them to the local jeweller store and had them cleaned. Above is a stunning 24K gold ring with a jade pearl, something my father brought back from the Middle East some 25 years or more ago. Look at the delicat filigree work - the goldsmith doing that must have had a serious amount of patience!

This is a sterling silver ring with oxidized and goldplated silver. That was a gift from someone in my family way back in the 80's. How cool to find old things you have that still go very well with the outfits I'm using today!

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