Saturday, January 30, 2010

Budget friendly costume jewellery

Recently acquired parrot coctail ring from It cost around NOK 100 (USD16). I think this will look great come summer when my skin is tan and I'm wearing white or just generally brighter colored clothes. I'll be wearing it the other way round, with the parrot's head towards my wrist, but I turned it upside down here to take the photo.

I love hoop earrings! This was a pretty good buy from Accessorize at NOK 79 (USD13) for three pairs.

Green is in fashion for spring and summer. This set of four bangles with colored sea shells was on sale at for NOK 29.50 (USD5). Below is another steal from the same place and same price - a whole heap of brass colored bracelets. I've seen a lot of khaki colors in the stores now, I think this will go very nicely with the safari/military style:

And lastly - something I got a couple of days ago - a real chunky silver metallic bracelet from Bik Bok. Same price as the hoop earrings, NOK 79:


  1. Wow!
    Elsker armbåndet! Det MÅ jeg ha!!

  2. Det var vel nøyaktig det samme jeg tenkte også da jeg så det henge på smykkestativet! :D