Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow bunny

Inspired by a picture I saw of Elle McPherson, I went looking for a white winter jacket. How cool, I thought, wearing something nice and light during winter when most people, myself included, are wearing dark colors. I ended up with the jacket that WWW suggested as an alternative to Elle's undoubtedly very expensive coat. Hers looks very Gucci'esque to me - but I haven't been able to find out by whom it is. The one I got is designed by Donatella Versace for Victoria Secret and it's from this season. Found it on Ebay for less than half the store price, and it arrived today in beautiful, unworn condition with the tag on. And yes, in accordance with my anti-fur stance, the fur is genuine faux!

I wanted to get the Timberland Mukluk boots in white but they're completely sold out for the season due to the extremely cold weather we've been experiencing. Luckily, they're coming back this fall, so I'll get them then. In the meantime, the jacket will work fine with my new Acne Push boots in dark grey suede.

The Push boots I got on sale in the Acne store in Bogstadveien. They were 40% off. A steal as they're leather inside out and very easy on the feet when walking a lot. There's a hidden platform inside, so they're not as tall as they look.At the shoemaker right now to be resoled, as the soles are leather and need to be reinforced. I wow to take great care of all my footwear, so all of them go to the shoemaker after they've been used once or twice.

To go with the look, I also needed some white rimmed sunglasses for those winter weekend days when the sun is shining bright and one is taking a walk along the quayside in the harbor, enjoying the sea, watching people, taking some photos and having a coffee in one of the many cafés. H & M online had a pair of offwhite ones of sale for 30 kroner (USD 5), so I ordered those. (Photo by H & M).

Add winter white jeans, a grey hat and my blue and grey Burberry plaid cashmere scarf and bring out the sun next weekend!

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