Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's outfit

For the record - I did not venture out for drinks with a friend tonight with my hair in a mess and without any make-up on. I just took the photo before getting the last few bits done. :) We went to a place I've never been before, Oslo Mekaniske Verksted, in the part of town called Grönland (lots of immigrants, especially from Pakistan and India, live here). I loved it! Obviously so do a lot of other Oslo-inhabitants, as the place was completely packed. It's only a bar, no restaurant, but one can make a reservation for a table and bring your own food with you. How great is that! What was especially nice, was the huge fire place close to the bar counter. Lovely way to get warm again when it's freezing outside like tonight.

Wearing: Deep purple cardigan from Vila, light grey tee from Diesel, black cami from Calida, black wash jeans from H & M Divided, Steve Madden boots, purple enamel cocktail ring, black metal hoops and chunky silver metal bracelet from Bik Bok. The Diesel shirt is new in stores right now, and has a cool print in black, blue and purple:

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