Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diesel wannabes

Inspired by the seemingly gorgeous shoes with long laces shown in the Diesel pre-fall 2010 collection (which I think are wedges, btw) I didn't think twice when I found these cuties in a shoe sale in town earlier today. I had an appointment with my skin specialist doctor and had no plans at all for shopping anything. I was on my way back to the bus stop when I passed an outlet selling huge amounts of shoes and boots very cheaply.

Now, this shoe fetishist has never seen a shoe sale I didn't want to look at, so in I went. The very first pair of boots I saw, were these. They're by Norwegian shoe producer Marc Bohan, and in artificial leather. Usually I don't buy boots which is not real leather, but I loved these so much at the NOK 250 (US42) price I simply couldn't resist. The heel looks like wood and the color of the boots is a greyish brown that goes with anything. The laces are different colors. Sturdy rubber soles with non-slip surface adds to the value of the cool look. Put them on today when I was about to venture outside again, and they're nice and roomy with little need of breaking in. Will definitely be on my feet tomorrow when I'm going to a lecture at uni.

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  1. While nowhere near Diesel in quality, not bad as a substitute when the snow arrives. This year, I'd like similar colored shoestrings, though. ;)