Sunday, February 14, 2010

Buns, hearts and accessories

Well, even if I'm a total loser in the baking department, luckily I have friends that are on very good terms with both their recipes and their ovens. Hege made these very cute Shrovetide buns in the shape of hearts as it happens to be Valentine's Day as well today. Looks yummy, no?

Not counting any calories here!

Today's outfit with a twist - babies are the accessory du jour - just ask all the celebrities toting their children around to be photographed by the paps (Suri Cruise, anyone? Or Gwen Stefani bringing her son Kingston with her onto the catwalk at New York Fashion Week?) Obviously, having no children myself, I haven't learnt to pose properly with a kid on my arm. The expression on the little cutie's face speaks volumes about his sceptisism... which shortly after turned into a fairly good imitation of Munch's famous "The Scream"...

I gave the little one back to his parents and proceeded to admire Hege's new shoes from Rocket Dog instead. She got these the night we went to the art exhibition, and I much regret they weren't available in my size as I absolutely adore them:

Leaving, I was waved off by my friend's daughter - who had found an accessory all on her own:

What I wore: Pink merino wool sweater from Björn Borg, pink cami from H&M, navy blue floral silk skirt and necklace from Indiska, green tights from H&M.


  1. Yummy, I'm really craving winter foods!

    Greetings from Australia!


  2. And I'm looking very much forward to eating a lot of summer foods (BBQs and tonnes of freshly cooked shrimps and strawberries and and can't wait!)

    What's winter in Melbourne like? I've spent one winter in Perth many years ago, and it certainly is nothing like the Norwegian winter. I remember going to the beach when it was ~ 20 C outside, and my Aussie friends thought I was mad, going to the beach in the middle of winter. I think I had Ninety Mile beach all to myself! :) But 20 C is not at all a cold summer temperature here, even if it gets hotter too.