Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sonia Rykiel for H&M

How convenient, I thought! I mean, there's a H&M store on every second street corner in downtown Oslo, and what better place to seek shelter from a wild downpour of snow?

Inside I got to take a look at the Sonia Rykiel collection close up. Even if it has been selling since Saturday, they still had all of the items but for one sweater left in the shop. I had spied the clothes beforehand on the net, and decided the bright pink and yellow stripes or crazy use of huge rhinestones all over dresses, sweaters and tights weren't really my style. I didn't fancy any of the black garments either, as I'm sort of fed up with dark colors and yearning for spring's lighter hues. Thus, I had no plans of buying anything.

However, I fell for the black beret with small rhinestones. It's quite light and finely knitted, and I think it will work well in the transition period between winter and spring, when it's too cold in the mornings and evenings to go without something covering my ears, but too warm to use chunky, woollen beanies. Seeing they had only a couple of this beret left, I figured I better grab it before it's gone.

Très cute, non?

I must say I was a bit surprised to see so many garments left. I've read that some customers have complained that most of the collection only came in sizes XS-M, and that only a couple of the sweaters could be had in L. A spokesperson for H&M defended this by saying the collection didn't run true to size, and that M could be considered L and so on. However, when looking at the garments, I didn't think an XS, which I normally use, looked any bigger than normal. It must be said I didn't bother to try anything on though.

But I can't help but wonder - did H&M screw up by timing this collecion for late February? Would it have had more appeal if released at the same time as the lingerie line late last year?  And can it be that H&M fans are saving their hard earned dough for the Garden collection, which will launch on March 25th? I know I do.


  1. That beret is so adorable! I adore it. I wish we had H&M here :(