Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today's outfit

Well, technically, since it's half past midnight, this was yesterday's outfit. A friend asked me to join her to see a theatre play and I figured I would use the leopard skirt I got the other day. Since the freezing cold never seems to end, I haven't had the chance to wear much other than jeans and thick cardis. Going out tonight I put on a woollen vest under my sweater and two pairs of tights. That did the trick!

Wearing black knitted sweater from Cubus, H&M skirt, 2 pair of black tights, and jewellery (which is not very visible in this picture): black necklace with pendant from H&M and blue enamel bangle from Dyrberg Kern. Black leather boots by Bianco.

For the first time I also tried one of my new Sally Hansen nail polishes, the dark blue one. In flashlight it looks a bit uneven, but in the dark it looked even and like a superglossy black. Nice!


  1. Nydelig neglelakk! Og skjørtet er kjempekult!

  2. Takk, takk, så koselig at du syns det! Ja enig om skjørtet - det var en vinner til 129 kroner! Kommer nok ganske sikkert til å bli mye brukt fremover når det ikke blir så himla kaldt å gå med strømper.