Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out of Africa

Talk to me about the safari style! If any trend is guaranteed to attract my interest, it must be this one. But then again, I'd happily wear safari inspired clothes even if they were soooooo yesterday's news in the everchanging world of fashion. In my opinion, they're forever cool, stylish and comfortable.

The white linen dress from, pictured above, might seem a little anonymous in their online store, but in the paper catalogue they had a model wearing it in a picture taken in the desert somewhere. It looked a bit better in that image, so when LaRedoute sent me an offer of 25% off an item of choice, I decided to hit the buy button. It arrived today, and I tried it on (yeah, yeah I know, still crumpled from the shipping), and added some ethnic inspired jewellery:

At NOK 254 (USD 42) it's a definite keeper! Love it, and it certainly caused my dressing up mood, which is rather depressed from the record cold weather in January and February, to rise a few notches. Might have to get a somewhat shorter belt, though. Seriously, I don't know what I was thinking when I got that belt many years ago - it's not like my waist used to be any bigger before.

With the dress I got a present, too. This grey and pink gym bag with a matching dust bag for shoes was entirely free:

Pretty cute, and at least that can be used right away, as opposed to the dress which will have to live a shelf life in my closet for many more months. Think I'll have to take a trip to the pool again tomorrow...

Today's (wish it was summer already) outfit: White linen dress from LaRedoute, brass hoops and brass coin necklace from Indiska, brass bangles from H&M, brown vintage leather belt and brown leather sandals from a limited 70's retro collection by Manolo Blahnik. Sunglasses from Donna Karan, 2007 collection.

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