Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smurfin' it

Apparently, Liv Tyler, the face of G-Star Raw's SS 2010 campaign, caused a stir when she turned up for their show at NYFW yesterday, dressed like an electric blue lightning bolt. While I see many comments around the net saying bright tights should be reserved for children, I think she still pulls it off here. But maybe that's just because she's just so beautiful anyway? (Photo from the Daily Mail.)

I believe my days of brightly colored tights to be long gone, like, say 25 years ago or something? But tights or not, I still like the electric blue color. Before Christmas, I got a dress from H&M online in a similar hue:

Silly me though, I bought it only for the color, not thinking the purchase properly through first. As it is, this dress ties at the back with a huge bow, and that is just sooooo not me. I've never managed to look any good in "girlie" clothes with bows, frills and such.

I wore it once during Christmas, and felt so uncomfortable I decided even before I took it off for the night that the dress had no right to occupy space in my closet. So when the weather allows me to take it outside on the terrasse to photograph in daylight to get better pictures, I'll put it up for sale on some auction site, either Ebay or qxl.

The one thing that'll be left in my wardrobe in this color, apart from some jewellery, will then be a pair of ballerinas from LaRedoute:

Now, these are keepers. As soon as it's safe to pack the winter boots away, I'll brush the dust off my blue suede shoes, put on some grey tights or jeans, and submit my application to join the Smurfs.


  1. Pretty colour!
    Can you do anything about the dress by perhaps chopping off most of the bow and tying it with a brooch or something? If not, yes, Ebay it!

  2. Yep, I totally agree the color is gorgeous, but unfortunately the whole design of the dress is wrong for me. So, Ebay next. :)