Thursday, February 18, 2010

Impressions from a show at Oslo Fashion Week

Max Factor (one of the sponsors) offered free make overs.

Today was the day of my visit to the Oslo Fashion Week. I was quite excited, as I've never seen anything by the relatively new brand Flinga Clothing before. I read up on them beforehand and found out the A/W 2010 collection was inspired by comic book heroes and anti-heroes. It's called "The frailities of flesh".

As we were seated way back from the runway, my pictures are nothing to write home about. I tried moving to a space where I didn't disturb anyone, but it was still a long way from the action. I guess I shall have to get that old, powerful external flash which I used with my old camera fixed, so the pictures won't come out so grainy when the room is dark. However, to save as much detail as possible in order to give an impression of the clothes, I didn't downsize the images so that when clicked on, they'll appear fairly big.

 Quite the "handful" of jewellery...

The Batman inspiration and bold colors and golden stripes of Superhero costumes were clearly visible...

...even on the wedding gown!

I think the show was cool to watch, and the very young designers (in their early twenties) certainly deserve kudos for making it this far already. Regarding  my personal taste, I think I probably would have to see the collection up close to get a better look before making any final judgement. But at first impression, there was no garment in there that will be appearing in my dreams like a ghost, haunting me forever, until it's safely tucked inside my closet.