Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That dress...

Yesterday, I read a blogpost over at Forty Not Out about "That dress...". It's about finding a gorgeous dress which one really can't give up thinking about, while debating with oneself as to whether one should fork out the fairly high cost of it or not.

My first reaction was: Gosh! I could've written that post myself. The exact same thing happened to me last fall. I spied the Diane von Furstenberg "Jeanne" wrapdress Elle McPherson is wearing below in an ad in American Vogue:

(Photo by OutfitID)

When I saw the ad, I immediately went to the DVF online shop to look for it. Yes, there it was in all it's glory - at a total cost (including shipping and import duty) of NOK 3600 (USD 600). Now, if I had been working, I probably would've gotten it anyway. However, being a student at the UIO I really don't use much designer clothes when attending lectures or studying at the library, so I found the price a bit too stiff for a garment I wouldn't be using that often.

But I bided my time and just after Christmas, during the January sales, I turned to my old friend Ebay to look for it. BINGO! A highend designer seller with a 100% feedback record had it in my size for half price - new with tag!

Btw, have I mentioned I love Ebay? ;)


  1. ooh, that is lovely. i love ebay.

  2. Thanks! And I hold Ebay responsible for me not having nearly as much savings as I really should have had. :)