Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Makeup brushes

When applying my makeup I like using professional brushes that don't shed so many hairs that my face looks like I'm resembling a hairy animal of some kind. I've got a few brushes from i.d. Bare Escentuals, which I'm quite happy with:

I got the set with the combined makeupbag and brushroll from Ebay for USD 32 + shipping. That was a real steal as I saw the same set selling in a beauty salon here for around NOK 1000 (USD167). However, as it's not complete I've been looking to add a few more brushes to my collection. While reading the Budget Chic blog, I saw she had tested and reviewed the brushes of a brand called Sigma Makeup, and gave it positive remarks. I looked them up and they're selling brushes individually and also have a full set of 12 brushes with the brushroll for USD 99 + shipping. They ship internationally, so the next time I'm getting some new ones, it might be worth trying out some of these.

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