Friday, February 5, 2010

Spottylishious distractions

Today, I went on a mad hunt for the perfect dress to wear for tomorrow's big fashion show, as two days of searching the shops had left me with nothing really interesting. And I found it in Zara! Not a dress, but a dark khaki silk safari romper. Perfect item, as it will be very useful for summer as well. When I saw it hanging on the rack in the store there were only big sizes left, but a very serviceminded lady went digging in the storage room and eventually came out with a size small, which fits perfectly. I felt like I'd won the lottery! Now, that suit I will leave for tomorrow's outfit posting.

However, as I'm a sucker for a little leopard, I couldn't help myself from getting a bit distracted from my main purpose when I found a couple of spotty garments during the course of my search. In H&M, this cute little stretch pencil skirt in black and grey instantly attracted my attention when I entered the store:

It goes with so many tops I already have, so at NOK 129 (USD21) it became mine even though I had absolutely no plans getting anything else than what was on my list. Also, while shopping at Zara I saw this top which is useful under many of my beloved cardigans and some very low cut tops that I have:

I like the combination of black and grey as opposed to the standard black and brown pattern. I do not intend to combine the two though, too much of a good thing can be just that!

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