Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st - the start of a busy month

Busy start to a busy month....after attending a lecture at uni I went to visit a friend who's on sick leave from work as she slipped on some ice on the pavement on her way to work and broke her ankle. Sitting alone at home all day for weeks on end like this

while everybody else is at work or at uni must be boring as h...., so I figured I would cheer her up a little with a huge stack of fashion magasines and some chocolate that I got on the ferry to Sweden. Filled with passion fruit and strawberry, those chocolates are gooooooooooooooood! (I know this for a fact since I've already wolfed down my own

After the visit I had to make a run for it to catch the post office before closing time. My friend Michelle in Michigan has gotten me some make-up that isn't avilable in Norway, and I had promised to mail my mum two of the four Sally Hansen Insta-dri nail polishes I got from the US. She's getting the pink and beige ones, the dark blue and green I'm keeping myself. I've yet to try them on though, but in the bottles they look really cool:

In between uni, the visit and the post office, I made a mad dash for some of the stores along the way to look for a black or navy blue silk romper similar to this one from Alexander Wang (photo by

I need it for Friday's fahion show, as I've got a gorgeous vintage Moschino jacket that needs something new and exciting underneath. However, I didn't have time to look through a lot of stores, so I went home empty handed. Apart from a visit to the physioterapist and a stint in the gym there, the continued search for the perfect jumpsuit will be the main thing on tomorrow's agenda.


  1. Those nail polishes look very fun! I really need to re-new my polish collection; most are older than I care to admit!

  2. Hi there! Since I haven't tried they yet, I cannot vouch for the quality, but usually I've been quite happy with Sally Hansen products. My friend in Michigan got them at Walmart for around USD 4 each, so at least no breaking the bank there. :)